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Dining Room Rugs (330 x 240cm)

Add another level of comfort and put a rug under your dining table

Ever considered placing a rug under your dining table? Choose from our exclusive collection to add wonderful contrast and a sense of space to your dining room!

There’s nothing more comforting than putting your feet onto a beautifully soft carpet after a long day. A stunning dining table rug adds an extra touch of comfort and luxury to your dining space, making it a room everyone will want to spend time in.

Whether you want something hard-wearing that can be washed again and again like a cotton dining table rug or a beautiful piece of floor art like a Moroccan rug, nothing adds comfort and style to a dining room like a dining table rug.

Bring your home décor vision to life with a dining table rug

Aside from effortlessly pulling together the theme of your room, a well-anchored piece of floor art can add a sense of luxury, grandeur and ceremony to the dining experience.

Dining room rugs are also perfect for designating an eating area in an open plan home and protecting your hardwood flooring from damage. Whether you choose a contrasting colour to add interest to your dining room or an intricate pattern to subtly draw the eye, we have the rug to suit your unique colour scheme and interior design vision.

Variety is the spice of life, and we have a fantastic variety of colours, prints and patterns to choose from. With our extensive range of dining room rugs, there is something to suit every style and budget. A bold monochrome print will tie together a modern dining space, while a soft pastel will complement a relaxed coastal vibe. 

Whatever your vision, we can deliver it with a rug to suit your budget.

Choosing the right dining room rug

There are a lot of factors to consider when choosing the right rug for your dining room, from colour and pattern to size and material. With our dining room rug collection, you can easily filter results by size, style, colour, material, weave and price to make choosing your rug so much easier. 

Which colour and style dining room rug is right for you?

The best part about choosing a new dining room rug is bringing out your inner interior designer. You get to have fun and mix up your interior decor in an instant with a piece of beautiful floor art. Here’s a quick guide to some popular interior design styles and which rugs will best compliment them.

Hamptons/beach house: This look is bright, airy and clean with natural wood, whites, greys and blues. A wooden or white dining table setting over a blue, grey or off white rug will set off a Hamptons aesthetic. Try the Suri Solid Indoor Outdoor Braided Rug.

Modern/contemporary: Modern and contemporary dining room rugs can bring added flair and interest to your home. Think abstract art-style patterns, bold colours and intriguing designs. We love the Adobe Modern Brush Stroke Rug styled over floorboards or floating floors for an instant modern look. 

Boho chic: this popular look is all about natural weaves, earthy colours, lightness and laid back vibes. Jute and sisal rugs are always popular options, but a Moroccan rug also makes a fabulous boho choice. Check out the Inti Moroccan Fringed Tribal Rug

Scandi: Minimalist, modern, white with pops of natural wood, leather and subtle pastels. The Scandi look is a contemporary favourite and a popular choice for home designers. Think hardwood floors, off-white walls and a generous smattering of house plants. Add an off white, greyscale or understated neutral-coloured dining room rug under your dining table to set off the Scandi look in your home. We love the Ariel Fringed Moroccan Trellis Rug

Eclectic: As the name suggests, this design style is all about mixing and matching to create a diverse yet cohesive interior decor style. Think traditional patterned rugs paired with retro furniture, or funky animal-patterned rugs paired with chintz furniture and pastel walls. It’s all about mixed patterns and creating interest and contrast. Check out the amazing Atlanta Animal Safari Zebra Print Rug or the Adel Geometric Contemporary Rug.

Classic/traditional: If you want to evoke a sense of old-world charm or complete your dining room with a timeless classic, you may want to explore our Traditional rug range. Think intricate patterns, muted colours and future-proof style. You may like the Alfred Traditional Classic Rug, with its interwoven geometric and floral motifs. This navy and grey toned rug looks gorgeous styled in contemporary homes with grey, white and wooden dining settings. 

What size dining room rug do you need?

The dining room rug you choose should be large enough to accommodate both the dining room table itself and all the chairs when drawn. When the dining room chairs are pulled out, they should still fit comfortably on the rug. As a general guide, a 6-8 seater dining setting will comfortably fit on a 290 x 200 cm rug, while an 8-10 seater dining setting is better suited to a 330 x 240 cm rug. 

Which rug material is best for dining rooms?

As dining room rugs are prone to spills from food and wine, it’s always a good idea to pick an easy to care for rug material. You should also take into consideration the fact that the rug will be mostly covered by furniture and choose your pattern accordingly. 

Consider the rug’s construction before selecting your dining room rug — chunky woven patterns and thick, shaggy rugs can make your table unstable. Typically, dining room rugs will be much too large to machine wash, so whichever material you choose will need to be hand cleaned either by you or a professional. 

Synthetic rugs generally can take a bit of wear and tear and can be spot cleaned easily without the risk of discolouring the rug. Natural rugs like leather and silk are more suited to living areas or rooms where there is a low risk of spills and stains. Jute and sisal rugs are also better suited to living and transitional spaces over dining rooms, as they can be damaged if they become wet. 

For households with children in particular, the best rug materials are ones that are low-maintenance and easy to clean, so we recommend our durable synthetic rugs. For those who like a bit of sophistication, wool, silk and leather rugs can be used, but we advise you to be aware of the cleaning and maintenance needs of these rugs. Read more about how to clean different types of rugs

Indoor outdoor dining room rugs

If you’re creating an outdoor setting or have an alfresco dining space, a great way to bring indoor comfort outdoors is to add an indoor outdoor rug to your space. We stock a fantastic range of indoor outdoor rugs perfect for alfresco dining, with everything from florals to geometric patterns and contemporary styles on offer. 

Browse our extensive range of high-quality dining room rugs

Find something to suit your taste and budget with our expansive range of premium quality dining room rugs.

With a wide selection of textures, patterns and colours available to choose from, there’s no reason not to complete your interior design vision and bring comfort, cosiness and style to your dining experience. Dining is a time spent in the company of family and friends, so make it extra special with a luxurious dining room rug.

Add warmth and texture to the most social space in your home with a premium dining table rug from our range. With flexible payment options and free shipping for orders over $300 now is the time to upgrade your dining room.