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Transitional Rugs

Complete your home décor vision with transitional rugs

Contemporary transitional rugs are the perfect choice for your home.

Traditional yet refreshing. Subtle yet striking.

The perfect balance of old and new to suit every style and budget.

These gorgeous, adaptable rugs provide an easy way to update your living space and will stand the test of time despite evolving trends, thanks to their versatile shape and design.

Transitional rugs do a beautiful job of fusing modern and traditional styles to deliver a perfect interior décor that feels classically elegant with a contemporary twist. Our handpicked range of transitional area rugs features classic elements like flowers and geometric shapes, paired with mellow and neutral colour palettes that deliver a soft yet contemporary vibe.

Whether you need to add a subtle touch of elegance to blend perfectly into your interior design or a bright focal point to add flair and interest, our extensive range of transitional rugs has something to suit you.


What is a transitional rug?

Transitional decorating combines both traditional and contemporary stylings into a harmonious blend of old and new.

A transitional rug is one that combines timeless patterns, styles and colours with fashion-forward designs and colours to create a modern rug that’s grounded in the old-world tradition.

A transitional rug will help tie together your home, creating a link between modern and traditional elements of your home decor.


How to style a transitional rug

The transitional design aesthetic combines both contemporary and traditional aspects to create a timeless, comfortable look and feel. A modern abstract patterned rug like the Aram Monet Contemporary Rug can be paired with traditional block colour or wooden furniture to create a harmonious finish. Meanwhile, a bold patterned rug like the Bali Brown Modern Medallion Rug can be styled over hardwood floors with luxe soft furnishings and antique artwork to form a beautiful transitional living space.

The real beauty of transitional rugs lies in their versatility. They can be used to update an old-fashioned living room or to tie together a modern, trendy space — the only limit is your imagination.


Find the perfect balance of style and functionality with our transitional area rugs

Protect your floors and add style to transitional spaces with our range of transitional rugs. Our collection of transitional rugs blends modern motifs, colours, and designs but they're also designed to withstand the years, no matter the foot traffic through your home.

Made from durable materials like cotton and polyester, our transitional rugs will stay fresh and lively for years to come.

Transitional spaces like hallways, entrances and stairs are some of the most high-traffic areas in our homes, so high-quality transitional rugs not only add style and comfort to these spaces but protect your floors from years’ worth of footsteps.

Transitional rugs may serve an important purpose – protecting your floors – but they are also an opportunity to add style and flair to your transitional spaces. Marry up the various themes of the rooms connected by hallways or create a design theme especially for halls, entryways and corridors.

Want to extend the life of your rug even further? Add an anti-slip pad underneath your rug to prevent sliding and protect your floors.

Transitional area rugs and small rugs to suit a wide range of interior design themes.


Choosing the right transitional rug for your space

Choosing a stunning rug for your home is an easy way to elevate your space and tie your decor theme together. Here are some tips for helping you select the right transitional rug for your home.


Bedroom transitional rugs

Add some warmth and style to your contemporary or traditionally styled bedroom with a transitional rug. A small transitional rug can be placed beside your bed to create a warm spot for your feet as you get out of bed in the morning or matching rugs placed on either side of a double bed to create a harmonious feel.

Adding a large transitional rug under the bed in a grand master bedroom will add effortless style and comfort to the room.


Living room transitional rugs

When selecting a transitional rug for your living room, it’s important to consider its placement — for example, will the rug be placed in between or underneath the furniture? If you intend to place the rug between pieces of furniture, a medium-sized rug will potentially work best — these rugs are also a great option for placing underneath coffee tables along with round rugs.

Alternatively, you can place a larger rug under a furniture grouping — this works particularly well in open-plan living spaces. If you place your transitional rug underneath a selection of furniture, make sure to leave an even border around the furniture to create a harmonious effect.


Dining room transitional rugs

When choosing a rug to place under your dining table, it’s important to choose one large enough to accommodate both the table itself and all the chairs when drawn out. The table and chairs should fit comfortably with a border of at least 10 cm around the drawn-out chairs.


Hallway transitional rugs

A transitional runner rug can liven up your hallway and create a natural flow between various rooms.

When selecting a hallway or runner rug for your home, it’s important to make sure the rug is a suitable width for your hallway. There should be around 10 cm of space between the rug’s edges and the hallway walls with the rug placed in the centre of the hallway.

A washable synthetic or cotton rug often works best as a hallway runner as hallways typically experience a high volume of foot traffic.


Find your perfect transitional area rug online

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