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a bare floor is a story waiting to unfold


With the commitment to bringing you the best Rugs and Runners from all over the world we would like to introduce you to RUG.COM.AU. The vision was created over 3 decades ago when we first started importing a unique range of flooring rugs to satisfy the most sophisticated buyers that wanted nothing less then the latest and trendiest rug designs.

Nowadays rugs are a trendsetter in Australian homes, as they add definition to a room and are an extension of people's taste in home decor. Finding something nice is not our mission statement but rather we would like you to think of FLOOR COVERINGS AS ART.

It is not always easy to find the perfect rug. Bring your passion in this process and we will give you all the support needed to find the right RUG. If it is out there, it will be showcased in our web showroom, dive in and indulge your senses in your rug buying journey and remember:

we believe that floor coverings and art should not be mutually exclusive