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Shag Rugs

Joey Grey Shaggy Rug LR00-77

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Vera Black Shaggy Rug VNICE-07

from  $63 $79

Luis Beige Shaggy Rug LSPC00-BE

from  $59 $99

Luis Cream Shaggy Rug LSPC00-CM

from  $59 $99

Luis Grey Shaggy Rug LSPC00-GY

from  $59 $99

Luis Pink Shaggy Rug LSPC00-PK

from  $59 $99

Havana Plain Shaggy Rug HN00-BB

from  $142 $149

Havana Plain Shaggy Rug HN00-DG

from  $142 $149

Havana Plain Shaggy Rug HN00-LG

from  $142 $149

Levis Grey Shaggy Rug LYPLAIN-G1

from  $142 $149

Levis Grey Shaggy Rug LYPLAIN-G3

from  $142 $149

Levis Ivory Shaggy Rug LYPLAIN-IY

from  $142 $149

Nothing says ‘cosy’ like a beautifully soft shag pile rug

Looking to add some extra warmth to your home? You can’t go wrong with a luxurious shag rug! With a high pile and a fluffy feeling, you can run your toes through a shag rug while watching TV at night or step onto a warm shag pile rug first thing in the morning — a real lifesaver in winter.

At Rug.com.au, we stock an incredible range of shag rugs sourced from some of the world’s leading rug manufacturers. Tufted and woven from soft synthetic materials, you can add some much-needed warmth and style to your home in an instant with one of our shag rugs.

Shop shag rugs online for fast and affordable shipping throughout Australia — we offer free shipping on orders over $300 and flexible payment options like Zippay and Afterpay.

What is a shag rug?

While shag rugs experienced a massive surge in popularity during the 1960s and 70s, they actually date back to far earlier origins. In Ancient Greece, the original shag rugs were Flokati rugs, a luxurious shag pile rug style still in high demand today. Hand fashioned from long strands of goat hair, these rugs gained in popularity and made their way to the Middle East, becoming the rug of choice in royal palaces.

During the cultural revolution of the 1960s and 70s interior design became all about unconventional, quirky and expressive pieces, and bold shag rugs became synonymous with 1960s and 70s culture during this period. By the 1980s conservative, the country-style decor was coming back into vogue and shag rugs faded from the spotlight.

Nowadays, shag rugs are once again a style staple with modern production techniques and materials making them more accessible, durable and versatile than ever. Shag rugs are now available in wool, acrylic, polyester and a range of other materials in every imaginable colour, style and pattern.

The benefits of a shag rug

As well as being stylish and fluffy, shag rugs come with a huge range of other benefits. For example, shag rugs tend to be extra durable thanks to the tight weaving and thick pile, making them perfect for high traffic areas in your home. You can place a shag rug at the entrance of your home, in the hallway, in the living room or even in the dining room — your shag pile rug will stay fluffy and cosy with ease!

Plus, if you’re doing some spring cleaning, you can easily roll up your shag rug and put it away! The soft pile can easily be folded in on itself and stay fluffy, even rolled up.

Our shag rugs are also made from synthetic materials, making them extra easy to clean. Whenever your rug needs a refresh, you can use dry shampoo to eliminate dirt and bacteria, and you can use a damp cloth to wipe up any spills. Alternatively, you can take your shag rug to a professional cleaner — the high pile won’t mind the extra TLC.

Shag rugs really are the height of sophistication and functionality.

Find the perfect fluffy rug for your home

There’s nothing cosier than putting your feet onto a soft, luxuriant shag pile rug when you get out of bed in the morning. Shag rugs make the ultimate bedroom rugs but are also well suited to loungerooms, and transitional spaces — anywhere you and your guests can kick your shoes off and enjoy!

Our soft fluffy rugs are perfect for your decor and ultimate comfort. If you love stretching out on the floor after a long day, a fluffy rug will be a comfy, cosy addition to your living room or bedroom floor. Just turn on the television, lie down on your soft, fluffy rug and get comfortable for a relaxing night-in. You'll have a comfy place to stretch and lounge about while also looking stylish when you have visitors.

The ultimate combination of stylish and indulgently soft, a shag pile rug is the perfect finishing touch to make a room cosy and inviting. Available in styles from subtle natural colours to cookie-monster blue, there is a style of shag rug to suit even the most vibrant décor theme. Plain or patterned, subtle or bold you will find what you’re looking for among our fantastic range of shag rugs.

Whether a natural-toned faux sheepskin, a bold fluffy red rug or a striking modern patterned shag rug, there’s a fluffy rug to suit you just waiting to be found! Alternatively, if you've got a little one, you might like a fluffy rug for tummy time. Super soft for your little one's comfort, they'll have fun playing with the fibres and zooming around the living room as they gain independence.

Shag pile rugs to suit any style

At Rug.com.au we’ve curated a stunning collection of modern, stylish shag rugs to suit a range of home decor styles. It’s our mission to make home decoration easy and accessible for everyone with shag rugs available from just $59.

If your home has a modern, neutral aesthetic you may like to choose a grey-toned shag rug like the Acuto rectangular shag rug which comes in a selection of on-trend grey shades from grey-white through to charcoal. Grey shag rugs look stunning styled with other grey-toned furniture and fixtures or as a neutral backdrop for statement home decor pieces.

If you’re looking to bring back the bold, psychedelic style of the 60s and 70s, the Logan Modern Wavy Shaggy Rug is an excellent choice. This rug comes in bold crimson red, calming turquoise blue, warm brown and neutral grey.

For gorgeous on-trend styling, the Max Plain Shaggy Rug is the ultimate choice. This rectangular rug comes in a range of right up to the minute colours including blush pink, soft turquoise, grey, navy, cream, beige and charcoal. This rug’s soft synthetic fibres feel amazing underfoot and make cleaning a breeze, plus the beautiful soft colour palette of this range can be styled with a wide range of current decor trends including boho, Hamptons and shabby chic.

Caring for your shag pile rug

Shag rugs require the same care and attention as other types of rugs. The long, shaggy fibres of the rug can pose a little extra challenge but with regular attention, your shag pile rug will serve you for years to come. Here are the steps to follow when caring for your shag rug:

  • Loosen the dirt and debris in your rug — Thanks to their long fibres, shag pile rugs can harbour a large amount of dirt and dust. To combat this, simply take your rug outside and give it a good shake every month or two. If your rug is too large or cumbersome to shake, hang it over a railing or clothesline and beat it with a broom or similar item to loosen the debris.
  • Leave your rug out to air in the sunshine — Place your shag rug in a dry spot in direct sunlight for a couple of hours to help kill dust mites and bacteria.
  • Vacuum — Vacuum your shag rug regularly as needed. If your rug is subjected to heavy traffic every day from children or pets we recommend daily vacuuming, however, if your rug is rarely walked on then once a week or even once a month will be sufficient. Be sure to set your vacuum cleaner head to its “high pile” setting if it has one as this will make vacuuming easier and ensure more dirt is picked up. Vacuum the reverse side of your shag rug once a month or as needed to remove as much dirt as possible.
  • Dry shampooing — To give your shag rug an extra boost an occasional dry shampooing is suitable. Follow the instructions on your dry shampoo label, work the shampoo into the rug and allow it to sit for the required amount of time to make your rug fresh and clean. Make sure to thoroughly vacuum out the granules.
  • Cleaning spills — Soak up spills immediately using an absorbent cloth such as a facecloth or paper towel. Be sure to use a white or light-coloured cloth that won’t accidentally stain your rug. Once you’ve absorbed as much of the spill as you can use a damp cloth to gently dab at the spill.
  • Professional cleaning — For an occasional extra-deep clean bring in the experts. A professional cleaner can use advanced techniques to remove stains, dirt, dust and debris and leave your rug looking and feeling like new.

FAQs about shag rugs

  • Why are they called shag rugs?

    Shag comes from the Old English word sceacga. Sceacga is closely related to the Old Norse word skegg which means “beard” which is how shag came to be used to describe a rug or carpet with a longer pile.
  • What are shag rugs made of?

    Our shag pile rugs are made from synthetic materials — this allows us to keep costs low for you, while still delivering a fluffy, durable rug! Our synthetic materials have the look and feel of traditional wool or fur rugs, so you can add a luxurious, cosy vibe to your home decor — at a fraction of the price.
  • Are shag rugs still in style?

    Of course! Shag rugs are definitely back in fashion, especially in homes with bohemian-style decor. A white or beige rug looks perfect matched with wicker furniture, light timbers and indoor plants.
  • What’s the difference between a high pile and a low pile rug?

    Low pile rugs have shorter, tighter loops and don’t feel as fluffy underfoot. High pile rugs have taller, looser loops, making them feel extra soft and cosy.
  • Spills are common in my home. What colour rug should I choose?

    If spills and accidents are common in your household, we recommend opting for a darker coloured rug that will hide stains with ease. Consider opting for a black, purple or burgundy rug and remember to spot clean stains as they happen to keep your shag rug looking and smelling clean.
  • Are shag rugs hard to clean?

    Due to the high pile, shag rugs can be a little more challenging to clean than your average rug — but with regular vacuuming and cleaning, your rug will stay vibrant and fluffy for years to come! Book in some time each week (or each fortnight) to vacuum your rug on the high pile setting and place it in direct sunlight to kill off any dust mites or bacteria.
  • I spilled something on my white shag rug! What should I do?

    No matter what colour your rug is, you should immediately spot clean it following a spill. Use carpet cleaner and a clean microfibre cloth to clean up the mess — if the stain has already settled, spray carpet cleaner directly onto the stain and let it soak before dabbing the stain. Make sure not to rub the stain/spill — this will just spread it around!
  • Can I wash a shag rug in the washing machine?

    You can but we wouldn’t recommend it. If your rug needs a deep clean, consider taking it to a professional cleaner instead — this will ensure your rug survives the cleaning process!
  • Can you steam clean a shag rug?

    Yes! The synthetic materials can handle water, so steam cleaning is definitely an option. Make sure to vacuum and shampoo your rug before steam cleaning, then once you’re finished cleaning, place the rug in the open air to completely dry.
  • Do shag rugs get matted?

    If they are not properly cleaned and cared for then yes, shag rugs can become matted. If your shag rug is looking a little lacklustre, consider investing in a rug comb or brush and gently run it through the pile. The fluff will return, we promise!
  • Is there a special way to vacuum a shag rug?

    Yes! We recommend setting the vacuum to the high pile setting so that the fibres don’t get caught in the bristles. Vacuum your shag rug slowly row-by-row and flip it over to vacuum the back — this will help dislodge extra dirt and debris. If you still think there’s dirt in the pile, consider taking your rug outside, hanging it over the clothesline and beating it with a broom. This will also help dislodge dust and dirt.

Add cosiness and comfort to your home with a shag pile rug

Shop cheap shag rugs online with Rug.com.au!

Whether you're looking for a soft, fluffy rug to laze around on in front of the television or a vibrant statement piece to wow your guests, you're sure to find the perfect shag rug online with Rug.com.au. Nothing says ‘cosy’ like a soft, fluffy shag pile rug.

With prices starting under $59, we’ve got gorgeous cheap shag rugs to suit every budget. We offer flexible payment options like Zippay and Afterpay, plus free shipping on orders over $300 (terms and conditions apply). Upgrade your home decor today with a shag pile rug!