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Round Rugs

Want to add a little shape to your room? Why not add a round rug? 

The curves of a circle rug will add natural flow to a room and soften a bare or minimalistic space. Round rugs are unusual enough to show your individuality while still being a classic, timeless style whatever your design aesthetic. 

A cosy rug is one of the details that makes a home warm and inviting, and with a circle rug you can add originality as well as warmth. Add a touch of interest to your room by investing in a fabulous on-trend round rug, available in a multitude of sizes, colours and textural finishes. 

Add a touch of individuality with a circle rug

Round rugs make wonderful central features, creating an individual look in every space they occupy. By offsetting the linear nature of walls, floors, doorways and furniture, circle rugs effortlessly add depth and interest to angular, modern spaces.

Whether it’s a subtle decorative touch or the central ornamental piece of a large space, circle rugs make stunning and versatile features for the adventurous home decorator. A circle rug can complement or add contrast to a room and tie your theme together. 

Shop our beautiful range of round rugs for the designer touch your home needs

Bring out your inner interior designer today. Try visually opening up a room with a large round rug or creating a cohesive designer look with a small round rug underneath your coffee table. 

A round rug can set your décor apart from the everyday and show your flair and personality. A rare combination of timeless class and modern style, there’s a circle rug to suit every room. After all, why be square when you can be round?

Let your imagination run wild! Shop online with our stunning range of round rugs and enjoy free shipping on orders over $300.