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Outdoor Rugs

Create a stylish and cohesive outdoor space with our range of outdoor rugs, everything from doormats and runners to large outdoor rugs

In Australia, we’re blessed with some of the most glorious weather in the world, and one of the best ways to embrace it is to create an outdoor entertaining space. Whether you’ve got a patio, a deck, a verandah or a balcony, the addition of one of our stylish outdoor patio rugs will give your outdoor space an instant lift.

Cover a tired old deck or patio with one of our large outdoor rugs to instantly transform your outdoor space into a welcoming, cosy spot. Enjoy al fresco dining or get the gang together for a barbecue in your new chic outdoor entertaining area.

Our outdoor rugs effortlessly balance function with fashion, at once making your outdoor area more inviting and comfortable and protecting your flooring from scuffs and scratches. Our versatile outdoor rugs keep your outdoor area looking beautiful while simultaneously weathering all kinds of elements, making them a must-have investment to keep your home looking fresh!

Our exclusive range of versatile pieces work perfectly as outdoor patio rugs or transitional floor art to bridge the gap between indoors and outdoors. Handpicked from all over the world, you're sure to find a unique outdoor rug to match your home decor.

Make your outdoor entertaining area more inviting with our range of indoor outdoor carpets from our stylish, durable outdoor collection

Keeping a soft decorative rug fresh and vibrant in the great outdoors can be challenging. However, our range of large outdoor rugs is lovingly handmade with materials and fibres designed to withstand rain, heavy foot traffic, pet paws, mud, grass, and all kinds of weather!

Whether you want to create a cosy outdoor space, provide a comfy spot for your pet to curl up outside, or tie in your interior decor theme with your exterior entertaining area, our large outdoor rugs are the perfect solution.

Spruce up your decking or add warmth to your porch with high-quality outdoor rugs. Perfect for patios and outdoor dining areas, or you can display your new indoor outdoor carpet indoors and add a pop of durable colour to your kitchen or laundry.

Bring home comforts to the outdoors without breaking the bank with one of our beautiful outdoor patio rugs

If you want to spruce up your outdoor dining or entertaining area one of the easiest ways is to invest in a stylish indoor outdoor carpet. Our range of outdoor rugs is designed to withstand the harsh Aussie climate while providing beauty, comfort and style to your patio.

Style your al fresco space with one of our contemporary geometric-patterned outdoor rugs like the Ambient Geometric Outdoor Rug whose concentric diamond pattern gives an instant lift to modern outdoor spaces, or create your own boho oasis with the Ambient Ivory Floral Outdoor Rug, perfect styled with wooden outdoor furniture for effortless boho-chic vibes. For an understated indoor outdoor carpet that will last for years to come, thanks to its durability and timeless design, you might opt for the Subi Flatweave Rug, whose simplicity and elegance makes it a versatile design staple.

With affordable outdoor rugs starting from under $60, you can give an instant boost to your deck, verandah, patio or balcony without breaking the bank. Explore our range of great value outdoor patio rugs today to find the one you’ve been looking for and give your patio or deck the facelift it needs.

Shop a wide range of stylish outdoor carpets and rugs with Rug.com.au

Whether you need a splash of colour on the patio or a durable, protective rug for your indoor areas, you're sure to find the perfect outdoor carpet rug with Rug.com.au. Our carefully curated collection of durable synthetic outdoor rugs are each handpicked for their style, substance and design, so you know you’re getting the best when you choose one of our indoor outdoor carpets for your home.

We've made it simple to shop home decor online from the comfort of your own home. We offer flexible payment options like Zippay and Afterpay so you can check out safely, securely, and with the convenience of staggered payments — plus, we offer fast and free shipping on all orders over $300 (terms and conditions apply).


Will an outdoor rug damage my deck?

A lot of people worry about an outdoor rug damaging their wooden decking, and this concern is not without its merits. The wrong outdoor rug and improper maintenance can cause damage to decking. One of the main risks of laying an outdoor rug on your deck is creating a breeding ground for insects like termites, woodlice and wood ants which may attack your wooden decking. Another common concern is the uneven fading of your deck due to covering from outdoor patio rugs. 

Fortunately, there is a simple way to protect your deck and enjoy the comfort and style of an outdoor rug. With regular cleaning of your outdoor rug and sweeping of the area underneath your rug, you can eliminate unwanted pests. You’ll also enjoy the added benefits of weather and foot traffic protection for your deck from the indoor outdoor carpet and, of course, the cosiness and attractiveness of your rug. 

How do I clean my outdoor rug?

Your outdoor rug will inevitably need cleaning to make sure it stays fresh and vibrant for many years to come. Here is a quick guide to keeping your outdoor rug clean.

  • Shake out your rug regularly to remove dirt, debris and pet hair. Shake it over a grassy outdoor area, and be sure to collect any rubbish that becomes dislodged from the rug. If your outdoor rug is too large or heavy to shake manually, drape it over a washing line and use a broom or other sturdy stick to beat out the dust. 
  • Vacuum your outdoor rug regularly to remove built-up dust and debris. Vacuum both the top and underside of your outdoor rug to extract the maximum amount of dirt. When you vacuum your indoor outdoor carpet take the opportunity to sweep out the area under your rug to clear the area of any dirt or build-up. 
  • Spot clean your rug to clear away spots and stains. Blot away liquid spills like wine with a clean, dry cloth (avoid rubbing as this will work the stain further into the rug). For dry stains, blot the area with a clean sponge dipped in a mild detergent solution. Remove all traces of the soapy solution after cleaning and ensure the rug dries fully to avoid mildew. 

Our outdoor rugs are designed to survive the rigours of outdoor life, but they still need some TLC. Regularly cleaning and maintaining your outdoor patio rugs will prolong their life and keep them looking like new. 

Do outdoor rugs dry quickly?

Our outdoor rugs are designed and crafted for outdoor use, so they’re made to dry quickly. All of our outdoor rugs are made from synthetic fibres which are resistant to mildew, staining and mould, along with being fast-drying. If you’re concerned about your outdoor rug’s drying process taking too long, you can drape it over your clothesline or a railing on a sunny day to ensure it dries more quickly. 

When will my outdoor rug arrive?

You should allow 5-10 days for delivery of your brand new outdoor rug. Most of our deliveries arrive within a week, but there can be delays for some of our rural and remote customers. There may be additional delays around the busy Christmas and New Year season due to closures. 

Can I buy outdoor rugs using Afterpay and Zippay?

Yes! We offer both Afterpay and Zippay on our outdoor rugs, so you can enjoy your new outdoor entertaining decor now and pay later! 

What if my indoor outdoor carpet isn’t quite right? Can I return it?

Yes, you can return your outdoor rug within 30 days if you are not 100% happy with it. All returns must be in their original condition and original packaging. Once we’ve received your return, we’ll refund your purchase amount to your original payment method within one week.