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Silk & Bamboo Silk Rugs

Add some luxury to your home with our silk rugs

There is nothing quite like a handmade silk rug. Intricate, breathable and naturally lustrous, these exquisite pieces carry a high sheen and feel smooth to the touch — even with a high pile!

Our silk rugs are hand-loomed from organic viscose fibres (bamboo), imitating the natural, luxurious feeling of silk. This allows us to keep costs down for our customers while still offering the lush feeling of a genuine silk rug.

Timeless and beautiful, make sure to shop our silk rug collection online now! We offer fast and free shipping on orders over $300 as well as flexible payment methods like Afterpay, Zippay, Google Pay and Apple Pay.

Our hand-loomed silk rugs feel incredible underfoot — perfect for cosy living rooms and bedrooms

If you've been searching for a deliciously smooth silk rug in Australia, you've come to the right place.

Our gorgeous collection of silk rugs are hand-loomed and woven for superior softness. In fact, our silk rugs are loomed with a thick, sumptuous soft pile that feels like heaven underfoot, making them the perfect addition to your living room floor. Now, you’ll have a luxurious place to laze around in the living room or to simply dip your toes into while watching television on the couch.

Alternatively, add a silk rug to your bedroom floor for a touch of elegance and comfort, especially if you have timber floors. You can step out of bed and onto a soft, cosy rug on a cool winter’s morning — no more shivering and unpleasantness before your morning coffee!

Our silk rugs are available in neutral colours like white, tan, grey, all of which will blend seamlessly into your interior design. Browse through our collection of transitional rugs and find a stunning silk rug to complement your home.

What is a bamboo silk rug?

Silk has been used for thousands of years to create a variety of textiles — from clothing to tapestries and luxurious rugs, silk has endured the test of time thanks to its natural durability, elegance and beauty. Originating in China, silk is considered one of the highest quality fabrics found anywhere in the world!

When it comes to the creation of silk rugs, silk is often combined with wool and other high-quality materials like viscose to increase durability and make the final product more affordable. At Rug.com.au, our silk rugs have been hand-loomed with viscose materials like bamboo to ensure your new rug will last for years to come, even in high traffic areas of your home.

Bamboo is growing in popularity worldwide because it’s an incredible renewable resource. Bamboo is easy to grow, reaching up to 23 metres per year — plus, bamboo doesn’t need replanting, so it’s a great resource for manufacturing all-natural textile and rugs.

Our bamboo silk rugs are beautiful, lightweight and a near-perfect imitation of 100% natural silk. Browse through our collection now!

Caring for your bamboo silk rug

If spills are a common occurrence in your home, you might want to choose a more hearty rug like wool or cotton. Bamboo silk is delicate and water or liquids can change the appearance of the fabric pile. Bamboo silk rugs can be cleaned by a professional cleaner, so if a spill does occur, we recommend taking it straight to a rug cleaning specialist!

Here are some other tips and recommendations for keeping your new silk rug looking fresher for longer:

  • Raise the bristle bar up while vacuuming your rug so you don’t catch the threads. Alternatively, consider using a regular broom or manual rolling vacuum. Remember, always go in the direction of the pile, never against it.
  • Avoid scrubbing your rug when you’re cleaning up a spill. Instead, start with a damp towel (towards dry) and blot the area with a spill or stain (no circular motions). Alternatively, use an absorbent paper towel to soak up the spill without having to scrub or blot the area.
  • Use a hairdryer on a cool setting to dry wet areas.
  • If the stain is stubborn, use a soft hand brush and gently stroke in the direction of the pile while blotting every few strokes.
  • Don’t try to wash your bamboo silk rug in the washing machine! This can change the colour and appearance of your rug. If a deep clean is required, opt for a professional service instead.
  • While bamboo silk rugs are highly durable, we recommend placing them in low-traffic areas such as the bedroom or living room to stop the pile from being flattened. Avoid laying out your rug in direct sunlight. Bamboo fibres are durable and delicate all at the same time, and direct sunlight can cause the rug to fade! If possible, place your rug somewhere that it will be shaded during the day.

For more tips on various kinds of rug care, be sure to check out our blog: How To Wash A Rug! Whether you choose a silk rug, a wool rug or a jute/sisal rug, we’re here to help ensure your rug stays fresher for longer.

Complete your living space with a silky smooth bamboo silk rug

Our silk rugs add instant style and finesse to your living space. From the bedroom to the living room, nurseries and children's playrooms, silk rugs in Australia are unbelievably soft and feature unique designs that are beautiful in all contexts.

We offer free shipping for orders over $300, fast delivery and flexible payment options too – all the more reason to treat yourself today!