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Tufted Rugs

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Vera Black Shaggy Rug VNICE-07

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Amir Geometric Rug AMI-01CBEI

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Amir Geometric Rug AMI-01GREY

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Amir Geometric Rug AMI-02CBEI

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Amir Geometric Rug AMI-02GREY

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Amir Geometric Rug AMI-04CBEI

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Amir Geometric Rug AMI-04GREY

from  $200 $299

Hand tufted wool rugs to suit any room

Our extensive range of hand tufted rugs features deep shaggy styles to add luxury and warmth to your space as well as bold, floral designs that create an instant focal point in any room.

Hand tufted rugs achieve the perfect balance between beauty and affordability. They are soft under the feet and their smooth texture provides the ideal surface for applying complex patterns – instant personality for your flooring!

Our handcrafted tufted rugs are luxurious, unique and surprisingly affordable. Shop today and take home a stylish yet hard wearing rug. Wondering where to start? Try our premium wool designs for a comfy, cosy finish.

Hand tufted wool rugs look incredible in all living spaces

We have soft, cosy tufted rugs to suit all home decor and themes! For example, for living spaces with block coloured furniture or monochrome finishings, you might choose one of our bright and floral Cali Hand Made Rugs. Perfect for adding a focal point to a room, these hand tufted rugs come in a wide range of patterns featuring flowers, tropical birds, and much more.

For the bedroom, we'd recommend the super soft Liam Plain Shaggy Rug. Thick and cosy, the Liam Plain Shaggy Rug feels soft to the touch (amazing on a cold winter morning) and adds a chic, high fashion element to the space.

Does your home have a Moroccan theme? Check out our Luke Transitional Ornate Rug range. With a traditional Moroccan pattern and unique neutral colours, this rug will balance out the brighter, more colourful elements of the room.

There are hundreds of combinations to choose from.  Plus, keep your new hand tufted rug in place with a convenient rug pad from our range. Our rug pads make it easy to secure everything from sleek hallway runners to spacious area rugs — even in high traffic areas. Simply explore our unique designs, choose your rug and click ‘Select Pad’ before adding to your cart!

Enhance your living space today with Rug.com.au!

How to style a tufted rug in your home

With their plush texture and rich designs, tufted rugs can be a focal point in any room. Here's how to style and place your rug for maximum impact:

Living Room: A tufted rug can define the seating area. Choose a size that fits under the main furniture pieces, ensuring at least the front legs of sofas and chairs are on the rug. For a cohesive look, pick a rug that complements the room's colour scheme. For instance, a deep blue tufted rug can accentuate a marine-themed living room.

Bedroom: Place a large tufted rug under the bed, extending it beyond the bed's sides to give a soft landing for your feet in the morning. A pastel-coloured tufted rug can add serenity to a neutral bedroom palette.

Dining Room: Opt for a rug that extends beyond the dining table, ensuring chairs remain on the rug even when pulled out. A geometric-patterned tufted rug can add a contemporary touch to a traditional dining space.

Hallways & Entryways: Runner-tufted rugs are perfect for these areas. They not only welcome guests but also protect the floor. A vibrant, multicoloured tufted runner can enliven a plain hallway.

Layering: For a trendy look, layer a smaller, brightly coloured tufted rug over a larger, neutral one. This adds depth and interest to the space.

Remember, tufted rugs require regular maintenance to keep them looking fresh. Vacuum regularly and rotate occasionally to ensure even wear. With the right placement and care, a tufted rug can be a stylish and cozy addition to your home.

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Loving the look of our soft, fluffy hand tufted rugs? Enhance your home decor with a shaggy bohemian rug today! With flexible payment options like Afterpay, it has never been simpler or more affordable to enhance the look of your home.

Whether you’re looking for feather-soft textures, bold geometric patterns or world-class durability, we’ve got you covered at RUG.com.au. Our entire range is made with high-quality materials and craftsmanship, so you can be sure your new rug will last for the long haul — no matter which style you choose!

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