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Red Rugs

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Americo Modern Rug AME2108-RR

from  $30 $99

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Aperto Geometric Rug APE138-R

from  $70 $135

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Aperto Red Tribal Rug APE821-R

from  $70 $135

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Aperto Transitional Rug APE722-R

from  $70 $135

Extra 5% off
Extra 5% off

Ambient Outdoor Rug AO4808-C

from  $89

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Bokhara Wool Rug BOK80080-R

from  $183 $299

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Heriz Red Oriental Rug HER611-X

from  $209 $385

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Lara Plain Shaggy Rug LAR520-NK9R

from  $227 $349

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Mahi Traditional Rug

300x200 cm

$1,175 $1,399


Atlanta Red Classic Rug AA1810-GBY

from  $25 $35


Panama Red Wavy Rug PA333-RD

from  $69

Cora Traditional Rug CS102-R

from  $70

Paris Red Patchwork Rug PAT2676-RD

from  $99 $115

Freya Modern Rug FY21643-951

from  $109 $115

Freya Modern Rug FY21674-195

from  $109 $115

Freya Modern Wavy Rug FY21886-951

from  $109 $115

Lucia Geometric Rug LE22322-RR

from  $128 $135

Lucia Modern Rug LE22332-R

from  $128 $135

Lucia Square Pattern Rug LE22064-RR

from  $128 $135

Sandy Medallion Rug SF5907-C

from  $159

Sandy Red Floral Rug SF2062-C

from  $159

Hank Traditional Rug HY311-WOB

from  $170 $179

Star Square Pattern Rug SD2511-RR

from  $189 $199

Star Traditional Red Rug SD2117-RC

from  $189 $199

Mona Red Oriental Rug ME87034-R

from  $220 $249

Add some energy to your decor with one of our stunning red rugs

For thousands of years, humans have had strong feelings about the colour red. To us, red symbolises power, courage, love, vigour and beauty, but the colour also has different meanings in different cultures - for example, in Chinese philosophy, the colour is associated with fortune and prosperity. Chinese emperors would wear red robes as a sign of excellence and royalty.

Red certainly is a rich, regal colour... which is why red remains a popular colour choice for interior decorating! Think modern red furniture, wall art, vases filled with roses... A splash of red always makes a lasting impression, standing out from the rest of the decor.

With this in mind, we stock an incredible range of stunning red rugs to add some warmth and regality to any space. From floral patterns to paisley, geometric patterns, traditional designs and more, we have red rugs to add a splash of colour to your home.

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The history of red rugs

The earliest reference to red rugs can be traced back to 458BC in Ancient Greece. In the Greek tragedy "the Oresteia," Clytemnestra laid out a red carpet to welcome home her husband, Agamemnon - in those days, red was seen as a colour of the gods, making it a welcoming and warm colour in any home.

Clytemnestra said to Agamemnon:

"Now my beloved, step down from your chariot and let not your foot, my lord, touch the Earth. Servants, let there be spread before the house he never expected to see, where Justice leads him in, a crimson path."

Soon after the play debuted, painters started using red rugs/carpets in their work to suggest royalty or wealth. In Renaissance paintings centuries later, you'll often see stunning red Oriental carpets in the background.

The red dye that was used to colour rug fibres was extremely expensive and hard to come by at this point, making red rugs pricey and exclusive. As a symbol of status and wealth, members of the nobility, clergy and royalty displayed red rugs in their homes.

In 1902, red rugs became prominent when a new rail service started running between New York and Chicago. A red carpet was used to guide passengers to their carriage. From then on, red carpets were seen as luxurious and in 1962, the Academy Awards introduced the red carpet.

The red carpet is still iconic today!


How to style a gorgeous red rug in any room

One of the major benefits of the colour red is that it compliments almost any colour. For example, a red rug in a room with white walls and monochrome themed furniture looks modern and chic, while also being able to blend seamlessly into homes with traditional brick walls and warm timber floors.

Of course, it's not always easy to style a red rug. Here are some recommendations for styling a red rug:

  • Keep the largest pieces of furniture neutral. A dazzling red rug can be a powerful focal point in any room. To ensure the room doesn't become too overwhelming or cluttered, be sure to match your red rug with neutrally coloured furniture e.g. couches and coffee tables. Then, you can decorate with quirky accessories and wall art without the room looking like "too much."
  • Match the room's accessories to your rug. To make your red rug blend seamlessly into the space, choose one of the colours from your rug and add a few small accessories to the room in the same colour. This will create a sense of consistency in the room and highlight your unique character.
  • Think about the colours that already dominate the room. Before purchasing a red rug, take a look at the room where you plan to place it. Is there already too much red in the room? Will the dominant colour of the room look good with a red rug? Have a think about what you want to see in that room.
  • Compliment your rug with rich wall colours. Matching a red rug with black or white walls is easy, but did you know that you can match a rich red rug with equally rich coloured walls? Think navy blue and deep purples. If you have patterned walls, opt for a subdued red rug. You don't want to make the room too busy - if you have patterned walls (e.g. a floral print), opt for a subdued red rug like the Freya Modern Carved Abstract Rug. Rather than overwhelming florals and patterns, this simple rug features geometric black, white, grey and red lines.
  • Choose long, rectangular rugs for kitchens and bathrooms. These rugs create a visual "path" and add both interest and a sense of order to your space.
  • Try using a rug as a wall hanging. If you have plain walls, consider hanging a rug on the wall to add visual interest to the room. Rugs can also help dampen sound between thinner walls.

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Where to place a red rug in your home

You might be wondering about the best placement for your new red rug - where will it look best in your home? Here are a few tips:

  • The bedroom - need something warm and fuzzy to step onto when you get out of bed in the morning? Consider placing a stunning red rug either underneath your bed to form a kind of skirting around the bed frame. Be sure to measure your bed frame before purchasing and ensure there's 30cm or more of the rug showing from underneath your bed.
  • The living room - every living room needs a cosy red rug! Place the rug underneath your coffee table and ensure it reaches the edge of your couch so you can pop your feet on the rug while you're watching television. You can compliment your new red rug with throw blankets and pillows in black, white, grey and even pink!
  • The entrance hallway - almost all of our red rugs are available as long, thin runners that are perfectly suited to hallways. Consider laying out a "red carpet" of sorts at the front door to welcome your guests. It'll really feel like an exclusive event every time you host dinner!
  • The sunroom - if you have a cosy sunroom filled with natural light, you might choose a round rug to place under a coffee table or to simply be the focal point at the centre of the room. The vibrant red hue will add even more warmth and comfort to the sunroom while you read and have your morning cup of coffee.

Truly, a red rug can brighten up any space! Browse through our collection online now - we have a huge range of stunning designs and rug sizes available!

FAQs about our range of red rugs

  • Are red rugs still on-trend?

    Always! Red rugs are a timeless style that symbolise love, power, courage, passion and heat - a red rug will always be on-trend. Plus, red rugs can blend into almost any room, especially rooms with red, white, black and grey colour schemes.
  • Are red rugs expensive?

    Despite the air of luxury and elegance, red rugs aren't expensive at all! We have red rugs available for all budgets and senses of style. For more affordable rugs, be sure to check out our collection of rugs under $100.
  • Why were red rugs so expensive in the past?

    When the Spaniards invaded Mexico in the 1500s and conquered the Aztecs, they discovered textiles dyed in vivid red. At the time, red textiles were a weaker shade and seemed brown in Europe. The Aztecs, however, used the crushed cochineal bug to dye their textiles and rugs. Since the bugs were hard to come by, red rugs were very expensive and mostly found in the homes of royalty.
  • What other colours complement red rugs?

    Red can be complemented by a huge selection of other colours. For example, red, navy blue and white is a classic combination, creating a very nautical atmosphere. Red also goes with similar shades like orange, pink and yellow. Other exciting combinations include red and beige, red and turquoise, and red and purple.
  • Is there a special way to wash a red rug?

    It depends on the material - the colour itself won't be a problem. For more information about cleaning rugs, check out our blog: How To Wash A Rug.
  • Do I qualify for free shipping?

    We offer free shipping on orders over $300 - however, there are some postcodes where free shipping doesn't apply e.g. regional areas. To find out how much shipping will cost to your location, please use the shipping calculator on our product page. We can instantly calculate shipping based on your location, the price and the weight of the rug of your choice.
  • Is there a way for me to track my order?

    Once your order has been shipped, we will provide tracking details so you can keep track of where your order is in transit as well as estimated delivery dates.
  • Do I need to be home to accept my delivery?

    You can give our couriers the authority to leave your order at your door by leaving a comment at the checkout. Please be specific about where you would like our couriers to leave your order e.g. around the side of your house, next to the door out of sight, under the carport/veranda etc.

    Please note that if you choose for us to leave your order if you aren't home, you are liable for any loss or damage.
  • Will the courier leave a calling card for me?

    Yes, the courier will leave a calling card for you if you aren't home. There will be a phone number attached so you can call them and organise a more suitable delivery time.
  • Can I return my items?

    Yes, you can return your items within 30-days of the date of purchase. To return your order, please email us at info@rug.com.au. We will provide return approval and a return authorisation number. Please note that return shipping costs are the responsibility of the customer.
  • Can I exchange my items?

    Yes, to exchange purchased items, all you need to do is lodge a return via info@rug.com.au and specify that you would like to exchange your rug for a different size. We will provide a full refund so you can purchase the rug that you desire from our stock.

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