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Green Rugs & Teal Rugs

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Kids Country Rug

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Kids Road Marine Rug

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Kids Zoo Road Rug

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Aperto Green Tribal Rug APE821-G

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Aperto Green Tribal Rug APE821-Z

from  $70 $135

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Aperto Medallion Rug APE711-L

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Aperto Transitional Rug APE722-G

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Jack Traditional Rug JAC82-Z

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Atlanta Traditional Rug AA1810-BG

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Ellie Green

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Freya Abstract Rug FY21685-495

from  $109 $115

Freya Modern Rug FY21643-495

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Freya Modern Rug FY21674-495

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Lucia Geometric Rug LE22322-GE

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Lucia Modern Rug LE22090-GE

from  $128 $135

Lucia Modern Rug LE22332-GE

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Coen Traditional Rug CO512-F

from  $165

Charlie Road Kids Rug CE2419-954

from  $189 $199

Star Traditional Rug SD2117-GC

from  $189 $199

Aram Transitional Rug AU-82E

from  $235

Cain Transitional Rug CN520-G

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Justin JUST-600GRE

from  $128 $189

Macey Plain Teal Rug MAC-TL

from  $166 $249

Justin JUST-500GBLK

from  $181 $259

Miko MIK-1210GRE

from  $124 $148


Add a touch of nature to your home with a teal, emerald or olive green rug

Relaxing, fresh and vibrant, a green rug is great for adding an earthy atmosphere to your home.

Green is the second most popular colour in the world and has been a household staple in modern Australian homes for decades. Being at the centre of the colour wheel, green can easily be paired with both warm and cool hues within your home. With their huge variety of shades, green rugs are a versatile and eye-catching choice for many home decors.

Our handpicked collection of rugs and runners includes zesty lime green rugs, calming mint rugs, warm olive green rugs and much more. No matter the colour scheme or theme of your home decor, our rugs will meet your unique sense of style.

Browse our full range of affordable green rugs online today.

From olive to teal rugs and everything in between, each shade can add a different meaning to your home

Green has the most shades out of any colour on the spectrum. To understand the ongoing popularity of the colour green, we need to look back at the various meanings that have been applied to green over the centuries.

A brief history of the colour green

While you’ve probably heard the expression “green with envy” before. However, outside of the West, there are many connotations to the colour green that are tied to different cultural values and historical events.

  • Iran — Both green and blue are considered sacred colours in Iran as they represent the idea of paradise. Green is seen as the colour of regeneration and sanctity. Persian green is a popular shade in Iran, as it symbolises a connection to nature and heaven. Persian green is commonly integrated into homes through pottery, carpets and rugs.
  • Japan — In Japan, green is considered the colour of youth, fertility and growth. It is also connected to the concept of eternal life. This is due to the significance of “evergreen trees,” such as the Japanese black pine. Evergreen trees are valued because they remain healthy and continue to grow over multiple seasons or even year-round. This is why green is seen as a vibrant, youthful colour in Japanese culture and is often integrated into homes through natural decor like indoor plants.
  • Portugal — Green has been used throughout Portugal’s history as a symbol of hope, particularly in a political context. Green was used in propaganda throughout the early 20th century to represent the nation's hope for the future. This has continued over time and the colour green is still used on the Portuguese flag today.
  • Green in the West — Western cultures each have similar interpretations of the colour green. In the UK, Ireland and the United States, green is typically associated with the lucky four-leafed clover, a Celtic charm that was said to provide protection from bad luck. This is why green is still seen as a lucky colour to this day.

    St Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland, used three-leaf clovers to educate the Pagans about the Holy Trinity in the 5th century. St Patrick’s Day has been celebrated annually throughout the West since the 17th century, with modern parades and festivals using green attire to symbolise luck, prosperity and joy.

    With the popularity of St Patrick's Day, green has remained a lucky colour in the United States and is also associated with wealth and fortune due to American currency being printed with green and black ink.

    Green and black ink was introduced in 1861 to stop counterfeiters from changing the dollar amounts on faded bills. As green ink was less likely to fade over time, it quickly became the colour used for printing American currency. This has created the idea that green is connected to money and success. In various cultures throughout history, green has maintained its positive connotations, making it a smart option when adding a new rug to your home today.

Not sure if a mint rug is right for you? We’ll help you find the right shade for your space

With over 30 styles available in a range of shapes and sizes, our green rugs are designed for a variety of modern Australian decors. We have the right shade of green to match your home decor in a selection of convenient options, perfect for living rooms, bedrooms, home offices, dining rooms and more.


Hamptons decor embodies the breezy, laid-back vibe of the beach with a sophisticated edge, giving it a casual but modern feel. This makes it a perfect fit for beach-side getaways or any home looking to add a cool, calm feeling to their space.

Traditionally, Hamptons decor integrates calm green, aqua and blue shades with sophisticated off-whites and beiges. A light or faded green floor rug will complete your Hamptons home decor nicely. For example, the distressed pattern on our Aram transitional vintage rug features faded sage and mint hues, making it an excellent choice to enhance the rustic feel of a room.

In general, traditional rugs — with their medallion themes and border patterns — are also a popular choice for embodying the Hamptons aesthetic. If you’re looking for a statement rug to add to your theme, our Alder traditional medallion rug combines sage green with beiges and light tans to create a calm but eye-catching effect. Sage is both soothing and contemplative, with its washed-out tone suiting the laid-back atmosphere of the Hamptons theme.


Bohemian decor has become popular for creating a space with character and adding a lively feeling to your home. There are no strict rules for following the bohemian theme. The end goal is to create a relaxing space that feels carefree in its construction. However, finding the right balance for your space will take some careful planning.

Green is a popular colour for the boho aesthetic, with olive, sage and dark greens often used as the statement piece of a room. Boho-friendly rugs typically use busy patterns to bring more character to a space, particularly designs that use tribal-inspired imagery. Our Alder tribal rug features a distressed geometric pattern that sage highlights to create a relaxed feeling while still drawing the eye.


Much like bohemian decor, there are no hard and fast rules for following the eclectic theme. Eclectic design is all about experimenting and combining contrasting styles to create bold, unique spaces. It’s all about taking risks.

If successfully done, your eclectic decor will feel both erratic and cohesive — a difficult challenge for even the most skilled interior designers. Fortunately, our collection includes plenty of rugs that are ideal for creating an eclectic living space.

Not sure where to begin? Try pairing two contrasting rugs together and see if you can visualise it in your space. This is most effective if you choose rugs with different textures, as textural contrast is a vital part of the eclectic style.

The shag texture of our soft plain green rug will create a fascinating contrast with our synthetic Miko floral rug, made with an anti-static pile to suit both indoor and outdoor areas. The shag’s colour will also bring out the green highlights scattered throughout the Miko rug, allowing both rugs to stand out while still forming a cohesive aesthetic for your room.

Mid-century modern

If you’re more of a retro stylist, a green rug will go hand-in-hand with mid-century modern themed decor. With its popularity from 1945 to 1965, the mid-century modern style is all about using interesting geometric shapes and bold colours.

Curves and circles are a common fixture of this style, especially when placed against square and rectangular furniture like entertainment units and couches. However, many mid-century enthusiasts prefer rugs in a solid colour to create a bolder contrast with their surroundings.

A lime green rug is the best choice for this, as its vibrant and lively colour energises the room and creates an eye-catching feature. The lime colour of our Palace shag rug is perfect for mid-century modernists, as the material creates a refreshing textural contrast when placed on wooden floorboards or tiles.


Sophistication is at the heart of contemporary styling. For this reason, contemporary rugs are often used in professional settings. While most people think that the best way to match a rug to their contemporary style is to opt for monochromatic colours, our range of rugs includes a variety of options to enhance this style by incorporating a hint of green.

Contemporary rugs often use sharp geometric shapes like triangles and strong dividing lines. Both our Freya modern rug and our Aria modern abstract rug integrate a splash of lime into their abstract geometric designs. Or go even subtler with our Lucia modern abstract rug, which incorporates an angular spike of green to break out the black and white colour scheme.


Bringing a traditional green rug into your home is a great way to add a warm, timeless feel to your space.

When people think of traditional styling, they often incorporate decor that feels like it was ripped from the past. European and Oriental patterns are common features of traditional rugs for this reason. This style is favoured for the classic, sophisticated feeling it creates, while still providing comfort to the room.

Green is a popular colour for traditional rugs, especially moss, emerald and olive green rugs and olive green rugs. Both our Justin ornate rug and Justin classic rug feature border patterns which are typical of traditionally styled homes. For a bolder statement, try our Gil medallion rug, which features splashes of red to create a more striking pattern.

Still choosing the right forest, emerald or lime green rug? Check out our FAQs for more information

  • What materials are your green rugs made from?

    Our green rugs are made with sturdy synthetic polypropylene material to provide you with the best quality floor coverings for your room. Synthetic polypropylene material is machine-loomed and easy to clean, making them ideal for placing in areas with high foot traffic in your home.

    Our range includes rugs made with a no-shed, anti-static pile such as our Miko floral rug. This material is sturdy enough to survive on patios, verandahs and terraces while still being comfortable on bare feet, making it a good choice for use indoors and outdoors.

    We also stock synthetic shag rugs made with low-shed microfiber, and a range of fun and durable green rugs for kids. Our petite cloud mint rug is made to be stain-resistant, making it easy to clean if any spills occur. For a more interactive synthetic rug, our Zoo Road rug lets your little ones play with their favourite animals with the added security of an included 100% non-slip rubber backing.
  • What sizes are your rugs available in?

    The first step in buying a new rug is making sure it will fit in your house. Our selection of rugs comes in a range of convenient sizes that make them suitable for most rooms, no matter their dimensions.

    Many of our rugs are available in multiple sizes to give you more options when decorating your space. Small rugs begin at 150x80cm and measure up to 170x120cm. Medium rugs are available in a standard size of 230x160cm while large rugs measure 290x200cm. For extra-large rugs, our range measures 330x240cm.

    We’ve put together a handy summary of all our rug sizes, including which sizes are best suited for some of the most common household rooms such as the bedroom, kitchen, bathroom and more.

    We always recommend measuring your space before bringing in a new rug. However, if you purchase a rug that won’t fit in your space, we offer flexible returns on all our rugs within 30 days of making your purchase.
  • How often should I clean my rug?

    As a general rule, it’s recommended that you vacuum your rugs at least twice a week.

    This number may increase or decrease depending on if the rug is placed in a high traffic area. Other factors can also influence this, such as the volume of dust in your home and whether or not you have pets. This will increase the amount of dirt and hair embedded in your rug.

    We also advise getting your rugs professionally cleaned at least once every year. Professional cleaning is the most effective way to remove allergens, dust mites and bacteria that can build up over time. Removing these elements will help improve the airflow of your home.
  • When will my rug arrive?

    Delivery times for your order will vary depending on your location and any delays with our shipping network. We make it easy to get an accurate estimate of when your rug is likely to arrive with our Shipping Calculator.

    On any product page, select the Shipping Calculator tab and enter your suburb and the quantity of each item that you require. Our Shipping Calculator also gives you the shipping cost for your order.

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