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Geometric Rugs to Match Every Style

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Sina Geometric Rug SIN5570-B

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Sina Traditional Rug SIN8021-M

from  $103 $183

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Fred Traditional Rug FRE8024-F

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Lisa Geometric Rug LIS2444-H

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Ziegler Traditional Rug ZIE8887-B

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Ziegler Traditional Rug ZIE8888-B

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Ziegler Traditional Rug ZIE8890-B

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Ziegler Traditional Rug ZIE8890-V

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Ziegler Traditional Rug ZIE8891-B

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Roslyn Geometric Rug

270x180 cm

$227 $500

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Megumi Geometric Rug

230x153 cm

$258 $434

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Peyton Geometric Rug

290x200 cm

$341 $752

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Huntley Geometric Rug

290x200 cm

$479 $720

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Huntley Geometric Rug

290x200 cm

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Lush Geometric Rug LO8021-L

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Josephine Classic Rug JE30-J

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Bergamo Modern Rug BN9046-SR

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Brigitte Geometric Rug BO316-SW

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Myla Geometric Rug MO3-B

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Myla Traditional Rug MO1-B

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Peri PER-17

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Bello Geometric Rug BELL-5GWHI

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Bello Geometric Rug BELL-6BWHI

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Viva Flatweave Rug VIV-01

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Viva Flatweave Rug VIV-02

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Viva Flatweave Rug VIV-03

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Viva Flatweave Rug VIV-04

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Viva Flatweave Rug VIV-05

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Viva Flatweave Rug VIV-06

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Viva Flatweave Rug VIV-07

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Viva Flatweave Rug VIV-08

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Viva Flatweave Rug VIV-09

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Make your home stand out with a geometric print rug from our range

From home offices to living rooms and bedrooms, geometric rugs are a great way to add a statement piece to any space.

One of the most popular styles of rugs, a geometric pattern rug has been a mainstay of Australian homes for decades. With their bold, original designs and endless variety, these rugs will add a contemporary feel to your room. Known for their use of eye-catching shapes and patterns, geometric rugs also come in a variety of colour schemes to suit any decor.

With variety comes adaptability — our range of geometric print rugs includes patterns suitable for modern Australian trends, from boho to contemporary and everything in between.

The distinctive patterns found on geometric rugs are created using synthetic and natural dyes. Our range is made up of both synthetic and wool rugs made in a variety of weaves, including flatweaves, hand-tufted and power-loomed weaves.

No matter your style or material preference, we have the right patterned rug for you.

A brief history of geometric pattern rugs

Geometric print rugs have become a staple of most contemporary homes in Australia, but their history spans cultures and centuries.

Geometric patterns date back over 5,000 years to Ancient Sumer. One of the earliest known cultures to use geometric shapes in their rugs is Northwest Persia, though tribal geometric designs were common in Turkey, Morocco and the Caucasus for centuries. Many geometric rugs manufactured today are still using designs that were popular in these societies.

Current-day geometric print rugs are also influenced by the early 20th century Art Deco movement. This movement gained popularity in 1920s Paris and was inspired by the principles of Cubism established by Pablo Picasso and Georges Braque. Art Deco was focused on using geometric elements such as lines and shapes to create meaning, quickly becoming integrated into home decors worldwide.

Rugs became a popular canvas for Art Deco styles due to their usage as a statement piece within the home, replacing traditional designs as the must-have item of the time. Primarily designed in France, early Art Deco rugs used bold angular shapes but their popularity waned during World War II.

However, geometric rugs had a resurgence in the 1960s with the growing demand for home decor that used bold, vibrant colours and “out there” patterns.

Nowadays, geometric rugs use a wide range of colour palettes and patterns, from sophisticated off-whites and greys to attention-grabbing bursts of colour. Historical patterns inspired by Oriental and Egyptian cultures are still common, as are the classic angular shapes that were birthed by the Art Deco movement.

Small, medium or large geometric rugs in a range of vibrant colours

Until it's in your home, it can be hard to know exactly which rug size is best for your room or living area. It’s important to measure up your space before choosing a rug to ensure it’ll be the right fit.

We’ve put together an outline to help you choose the best rug size for each area of your home.

Small Rugs

Small rugs are the most versatile size of rug for your home and have a multitude of unconventional and innovative uses. The base sizes of our small rugs are generally 150 x 80cm to 170 x 120cm. This size range makes them perfect for small bedrooms, especially children’s rooms and spare bedrooms. If you’ve found a particularly eye-catching patterned rug, you may be reluctant to cover it with your bed or surrounding furniture. Depending on the size of your room, buying a small rug may be a better option than a medium or large rug to keep its design fully visible.

Small rugs are often used to liven up a room and are especially common in entrance areas and short corridors. However, small rugs are also a great way to draw attention to pieces of furniture in your home. Placing a rug under an entertainment unit, bookshelf or hallway console table will make a feature out of these areas of your home.

Geometric rugs are especially popular for this, as their attention-grabbing designs make it easier to make an impression. The combination of mustard, light blues and maroons on our Eliza geometric rug, for instance, is an excellent choice for drawing the eye.

Medium Rugs

Our medium rugs are available in a standard size of 230 x 160cm. This size is the most popular choice for most bedrooms and home offices.

Medium rugs are also commonly placed under coffee tables in living areas. Depending on the size of your coffee table, a medium rug should be large enough to encompass its perimeter.

There are several styling guidelines when choosing a rug for your coffee table. Firstly, your rug should accommodate all four legs of the table, allowing your table to be placed directly in the rug’s centre.

Next, we recommend choosing a rug that is large enough that you can walk around the edges of the table while still being on it. This is not only aesthetically pleasing but allows you to actually walk on your rug, rather than just having it as a display piece.

Remember that your coffee table will cover part of your patterned rug, so keep this in mind when choosing your design. If this is a concern, a rug with a consistent pattern may be your best choice.

Large Rugs

Large rugs are the go-to size for living rooms and master bedrooms. Their added length allows you to feature more intricate and detailed designs, which makes them ideal if you need your new rug to be a statement piece.

But how large is too large? As a general rule, your rug will look oversized if it touches the walls of your room.

Large geometric rugs are often used to tie together a group of furniture in a living room, like couches, single seaters and coffee tables. This can create a focal area for the room and make the space feel more cohesive. When placing your rug, make sure it’s large enough to leave an equal amount of rug space around the perimeter of the furniture grouping. This will help the space appear more balanced.

Large geometric rugs are also used to create a similar effect with dining settings. In general, this size is best used for 6-8 seat dining areas. The spacing rules that we use for furniture groupings and coffee tables also apply to dining settings. Ensure that there is space to walk around your dining table while remaining on the rug.

It’s also a good idea to make sure you can pull your chair in and out without it catching on the edge of the carpet.

Extra-Large Rugs

The biggest size that we offer is our extra-large rugs, which are available in a standard size of 330 x 240cm. Extra-large rugs are used for large living rooms, 8-10 seat dining settings and large entertaining areas.

Much like large rugs, it’s important to make sure that your extra-large rug doesn’t reach the walls of your room. It’s also worth considering if an extra-large rug will be necessary for your space. While big areas require big rugs, putting two medium rugs together may give you more room to enhance your decor — especially if you’re a fan of eclectic or bohemian styles.

However, many stylists prefer extra-large for dining areas as they make it more convenient for your guests to navigate the dining area. With their detailed borders and intricate designs, extra-large traditional geometric rugs are the most popular choice for adding a statement piece to your dining room.

A bold patterned rug can suit any room decor

Geometric pattern rugs are a versatile option that can suit a variety of home decors. Our hand-selected collection is available in a range of styles, colours and sizes that are suitable for any Australian home, whatever your theme of choice.

Read on for our tips on how to implement a geometric rug based on your home decor theme.


When you’re looking to maintain your bohemian style, a geometric rug is a great way to add even more character to your space. We recommend looking at more abstract, loosely structured patterns that give you that easy-living feeling.

It’s best to avoid patterned rugs with harder edges like triangles, as their rigid, unnatural appearance can interfere with the flow of your living space.

A geometric pattern rug is a great finishing touch when your boho decor needs an extra touch of colour. For instance, the muted blues, yellows, oranges and purples on our Myla traditional geometric rug will add some variety to your colour scheme without overpowering that laid-back feeling.

Or, go bold with the vibrant yellows and pinks of our unconventional Sina contemporary rug. With boho styles, you’re free to experiment without worrying about colour clashes or pattern overload!


If your decor embodies the cool, effortlessly rustic yet sophisticated feeling of Hamptons decor, we carry a range of high-quality geometric rugs for you.

Hamptons decor has become popular in Australia for its laid-back, beachy atmosphere. It’s characterised by cool blues, off-whites and natural features such as wooden accessories.

With four colours and two convenient sizes, our Bellow Geometric Tribal rug will blend in nicely with your Hamptons decor. Try the blue shade if you’re looking for a colour feature or stick with grey for a more natural feeling.

Medallion rugs are another common pairing with the Hamptons style. With its earthy yellows and hints of cool blues, the Caleb Traditional rug comes in four different sizes to fit in most rooms. Or keep it simple and chic with the Adele Contemporary rug. The off-white base colouring and symmetrical pattern make it a good choice for the Hamptons aesthetic.

Mid-Century Modern

The mid-century modern style has its roots in retro sensibilities, becoming popular between the 1930s and 1960s. You can spot a mid-century modern rug from its use of shapes and bold colours, which was used to evoke a futuristic feeling at the time. Circles and curves are the mainstays of this style.

Incorporating this style is a great way to bring more life to a room. This theme is all about creating contrasts, not just in terms of colour but structurally, too. A classic example is to place a rug with circular patterns next to a rectangular couch and coffee table.

This adds a refreshing burst of character and originality to your decor, especially if using a rug with bold, vibrant colours.


Contemporary style rugs often use contrasting colours to create a sophisticated, modern atmosphere. Triangles and strong dividing lines are both common features of contemporary rugs, which can often be found in stylish office buildings. This style can either appear subtle or bold, depending on the setting.

If you’re looking for a rug to match your contemporary style, it's worth considering if you want your rug to blend into its surroundings or stand out. To stand out, try the bold mustard highlights and angular shapes of our Silas contemporary rug. For a more blended look, try a rug with a larger, elongated pattern, with geometric lines across the rug’s entire surface.


Traditional styling is popular for its mix of sophistication and warmth, creating a classic, comforting feeling when you step into the room. This decor often incorporates designs with a timeless, historical feel to them — hence the name.

Traditional styling goes hand in hand with geometric rugs that use European, Oriental or Persian patterns, with their designs evoking styles from centuries ago. These rugs make an immediate statement as their patterns are associated with regality and sophistication. However, we offer a range of colour schemes and designs that maintain a classic, comfortable feeling without overwhelming your living space.

Most traditional geometric rugs use borders and contain florals, diamonds and medallions as their key design elements. Our Myla Traditional rug uses empty space in the middle to highlight its intricate border pattern and would make a great choice for small and large rooms, available in four sizes. If you’d prefer a busier pattern, the Leah Traditional wool rug offers a more intricate design while using geometric shapes to evoke an exotic Aztec feeling.


Eclectic decor gives you the most freedom to experiment with how to style your space, but it can also be the most difficult to pull off successfully. The eclectic style is all about combining contrasting styles and textures to create a space that feels busy but cohesive at the same time. There’s no tried and true method for implementing eclectic decor; instead, it requires experimentation, risky choices and a touch of ingenuity.

Having said that, a general rule of thumb is to keep your walls one colour and save the experimentation for your floors. This is where our range of geometric pattern rugs comes into play. Try placing two rugs with contrasting patterns together and see how they might complement the overall aesthetic.

For example, placing our minimalist Symphony Moroccan shag rug against the regal, busy pattern of the Valentino Tribal traditional rug would bring out the unique differences in both styles. This combination would look especially striking in a room with darker floorboards. Plus, the shag material of the Symphony creates an interesting textural contrast, an important feature of any successful eclectic decor.

FAQs about patterned rugs

  • Why are geometric rugs so popular?

    Geometric rugs are an easy way to add a distinct edge to your living space, which explains their enduring popularity over the past century.

    Many people are drawn to the distinctive lines and familiar shapes that are often used in geometric rugs, as they give your eye an anchor to follow when looking at a distinctive pattern. There’s a feeling of exploration that comes with looking at geometric rugs, as their patterns are often intricately designed. You may find yourself picking up on new details months or years after adding one to your home.

    Geometric patterns also incorporate elements of florals, retro colours and Oriental iconography that give them a crossover appeal with different design styles.
  • Do I need an anti-slip pad for my rug?

    We recommend getting an anti-slip pad for all your rugs, regardless of their placement in your room. Once you’ve picked the best spot for your new rug, an anti-slip pad will prevent any annoying and unwanted moving without leaving any marks on your hard-surface floors. This is especially useful for heavy rugs that are often difficult to readjust with just one person.

    Anti-slip pads also help to prevent curling, which can reduce the risk of people tripping on the corners of your rug. Less curling means your rugs will be in better condition for longer.

    At Rug.com.au, we’ve made it easy to find the perfect slip pad for your order. Before adding a rug to your cart, hit the Select Pad option and select your size from the dropdown menu. Then proceed to your cart as normal!
  • Can I place a patterned rug in my kitchen?

    When deciding your kitchen decor, many people opt for a clean aesthetic with cool whites, blacks and silvers. This style leaves a lot of room to experiment with adding colour to your cooking.

    Kitchen rugs have recently become one of the most popular furnishing trends in Australia. Loud, vivid colours like red and maroon are a fantastic way to break up the clinical feel of your kitchen. Our Eliza rug features bold diagonal lines with deep splashes of red, made with heat-set polypropylene to ensure an easy clean.

    Or, stick closer to your monochrome colours with an Adel geometric print rug. The base layer of black means this rug won’t overpower your kitchen, while still allowing you to add flecks of orange and creams to the space.

    While we recommend all rugs should be bought with an anti-slip pad, this is especially true of rugs going in your kitchen. With the added risk of spills and the slipperiness of kitchen tiles, an anti-slip pad is essential for any kitchen rug decor.
  • Will a geometric rug make my room look smaller?

    One of the misconceptions about geometric print rugs is that their pattern and colour combinations can make the surrounding room look smaller. This is most common with rugs that use smaller patterns, as they supposedly make the rug itself appear bunched together and cramped when viewed from a distance.

    The simple answer is that when placing a new rug in a room, there are many other factors beyond the pattern itself that may result in the room looking bigger or smaller. For instance, the colour of the rug, the way it aligns with or contrasts against your shade of paint, and how the sunlight hits the rug all factor into your room’s overall appearance.

    The general advice for geometric rugs is to choose patterns that are more spaced out when placing your rug in a small room. This can create the illusion that the room is bigger.

    Other than that, there’s no clear reason for a rug with a geometric pattern to make your room appear smaller. We encourage you to visualise how a rug may appear in your desired room before purchasing.

    However, if you purchase a rug from us and feel that it’s not right for your room, we offer easy 30 day returns for all purchases.

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