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Burgundy Rugs & Maroon Rugs

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Oasis Traditional Rug OAS-12

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Add a deep pop of colour to your home with one of our burgundy rugs or maroon rugs

Deep burgundy and maroon rugs bring luxury and warmth to any living space. Rich and opulent, these traditional-style rugs ooze class, character and sophistication.

A favourite of ancient and contemporary designers alike, burgundy and maroon tones have been favoured throughout the centuries for their luxuriant depth of colour. When combined with intricate patterns and superb craftsmanship, burgundy and maroon rugs can bring endless elegance to a room.

Our handpicked selection of maroon and burgundy rugs contrast beautifully with golden tones to instantly elevate the décor of your home – a nod to classic Moroccan and Persian styles. Mixed with exotic patterns and neutral colours, a burgundy rug will look stunning on your living room or bedroom floor.

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A brief history of the colour burgundy

To understand why burgundy is linked to luxuriousness, we have to look back almost 2,000 years to the late Roman period when an East Germanic people known as the Burgundians relocated beyond the Rhine. The Burgundians gave their name to the area in east-central France, known as Bourgogne in French.

Since 1790, Burgundy has consisted of the Nievre, Yonne, Côte-d'Or and Saone-et-Loire. There is evidence of wine being produced in the area as far back as the second century BCE and to this day, the Burgundy region of France produces some of the world’s finest dry red and white wines.

It is of course from the deep red colour of Burgundy wine that we get the colour burgundy!

Burgundy is created by adding a touch of blue and green to red which gives it its distinct purple and brown undertones and rich colour. Burgundy is traditionally associated with wealth, power and comfort, and is considered to be a more mature and luxurious shade than true red.

How to style a rich burgundy rug in your home

Burgundy is a versatile and complementary colour suited to a wide range of home decor themes and burgundy and maroon rugs make a luxurious addition to homes of all styles, shapes and sizes.

If your home decor calls for neutral coloured furniture and hardwood floors, you might choose a traditional style burgundy rug to add a touch of depth and interest to the room. Inspired by Turkish, Persian and Moroccan cultures, a patterned rug will add a pop of colour to your living room in an instant.

Alternatively, if you're looking for a simple and sleek look for your living room or bedroom, you might consider a solid maroon rug.

Read on for tips and inspiration for styling your new maroon or burgundy rug.

Which colours pair well with burgundy?

Light grey, charcoal, turquoise, umber, cream and golden yellow pair well with burgundy. Thanks to the richness and depth of its hue, burgundy can be paired with both deep shades like charcoal and umber as well as lighter tones like cream and light grey.

Burgundy has natural undertones of purple and brown which can be picked up with other colours in your home decor. This rich, luxuriant colour pairs well both with other deep coloured furniture such as charcoal lounges or dark wood tables as well as with lighter colours such as cream leather sofas, off-white walls and beige soft furnishings.

A deeper and more sophisticated alternative to brighter shades of red, burgundy still brings the warmth and style of other red shades with an additional element of old-world elegance.

Home decor themes for burgundy rugs

  • Eclectic. The eclectic home decor aesthetic can be summed up as “organised chaos”. It has been said that the ever-popular paisley pattern is so pleasing to the human eye because it creates order out of chaos — this may also be said of an eclectic home decor theme.

    At first, all the elements used in the room may seem mismatched but there will always be elements tying the room together, whether it’s through a consistent colour palette, complementary patterns or recurring shapes.

    A patterned maroon or burgundy toned rug like the Atlanta Red Classic Medallion Rug looks fabulous paired with grey, cream and charcoal furniture offset with antique vases and artworks framed in gold. To create an eclectic aesthetic with this rug, try adding patterned cushions and wallpaper in gold or grey tones.
  • Mid-Century Modern. The mid-20th century decades of the 40s, 50s and 60s were a time of massive innovation and change in interior decor, actively moving away from the traditional styles of the previous century and creating striking futuristic furniture that was at once bold and sleek.

    With minimal, sleek lines and new materials, the look was exemplified by a thin table and chair legs, pops of cheerful colour and the use of organic, natural shapes as design motifs.

    The mid-century modern theme has experienced a resurgence in popularity in recent years with many homeowners looking to capture the unique combination of minimalism and style this revolutionary design period brought to the world.

    If you’re looking to pair a burgundy rug with a mid-century modern room, the Red Tribal Afghan Medallion Rug looks wonderful paired with mid-century style wooden furniture and pale grey, light yellow or cream soft furnishings.
  • Traditional. The traditional design style is defined by abundance, richness and comfort with plenty of soft furnishings, artwork and accessories — think of the homes depicted in European period dramas. Traditional homes will often have hardwood flooring or rich carpets overlaid with luxurious rugs. Furniture will often be ornate and highly detailed with scrollwork, engraving and textures and rooms are often styled with sumptuous vases, lamps and bookcases.

    Burgundy rugs look right at home in traditionally styled rooms. A beautifully detailed traditional rug like the Afghan Traditional Red Border Rug will bring instant traditional appeal with its intricate patterns and deep shades of burgundy paired with neutral shades of cream, brown and black.

    This rug can be styled in a living room as a central design piece, placed under a grand double bed in a master bedroom or placed under a dining table for a touch of effortless class.
  • Boho. The boho design aesthetic is all about laidback, carefree living with a focus on natural materials, rich patterns and flowing details. Think hardwood floors covered with soft, comfortable rugs, squashy lounge chairs, overflowing pot plants, macrame artwork and touches of antique luxury.

    Boho designers often utilise second hand or antique furniture and fittings like chandeliers, chairs and ornaments to add a comfortably cluttered and cost feel to the space.

    Rich burgundy rugs fit beautifully with a boho styled room, especially when paired with gold or brass ornaments and fixtures and grey or cream furniture. Try pairing the Atlanta Red Classic Medallion Rug with cream and gold accessories and a smattering of floor cushions for an internationally-inspired comfy boho living room.

Selecting the right sized burgundy or maroon rug for your space

We want to make sure you find the perfect rug for your room, so here are a few handy hints to help you find the right-sized burgundy area rugs for your home.

  • Styling rugs under furniture. If your burgundy rug is going to be placed under furniture, you need to factor in how much of the rug will be on show and how much will be covered. If the rug will be under a single piece of furniture like a bed, you will need to measure the bed and allow for a border of at least 10 cm around the entire bed — under bed rugs look best when the bed is centred with an even amount of rug showing on either side but they can also be used under smaller beds which are placed up against the bedroom wall.

    Similarly, if you’re planning on placing a rug under a coffee table or other small piece of furniture, the rug should comfortably accommodate the furniture while leaving a border — the furniture should never be falling off the edge of the rug.

    For round coffee tables and side tables, we highly recommend placing one of our round rugs underneath.
  • Using rugs in open-plan spaces. Rugs are a great way to delineate different spaces in an open plan home. For instance, if you want to define your living room in a studio apartment, placing a large area rug or living room rug underneath your furniture grouping can create a simple visual break in the space that sets it apart from the rest of the room.

    When using a rug under a furniture placing, make sure the rug will easily accommodate all the furniture pieces with enough room for a border.
  • Choosing hallway runners. Hallways runners not only look great but can also protect your floorboards or carpet from wear and tear in high-traffic areas of your home. When selecting your hallway rug, first measure the width of your hallway and choose a rug that is 20 cm narrower to allow a 10 cm gap between the rug and the wall on each edge — this will prevent the rug from curling up at the sides.
  • Dining room rugs. There’s nothing cosier than putting your feet onto a soft, warm carpet underneath the dinner table. There are a few things to consider when selecting a run for your dining room — firstly, if the rug is going to be styled underneath your dining table you’ll need to factor in how much of the design will be covered by the table. There may not be much point in choosing an intricately patterned rug if it will be hidden away!

    Secondly, as this rug will likely be prone to spills, it’s best to choose a rug material that’s easier to clean such as a synthetic or cotton rug. Burgundy rugs are a popular choice for dining rooms as their deep colour can cope with common food and drink stains — especially, of course, red wine!

    Thirdly, you will need to choose a rug that is large enough to accommodate not only the dining table but all the chairs in a drawn-out position. As a rule of thumb, a large 290 x 200 cm rug will accommodate a 6-8 seat dining setting while an extra-large 330 x 240 cm rug will fit an 8-10 seat dining set.

FAQs about our burgundy rugs

  • When will my rug arrive?

    Your rug should arrive within one week of your order being placed, however, you should allow an additional 5-10 business days as transit times can vary, particularly for remote and rural deliveries. We also ask that you allow an extra 5 working days for delivery over the Christmas and New Year period to accommodate closures by our couriers and warehouses.

    You will receive tracking information for your order so you can track your rug’s progress at any time. If you have any concerns about your delivery, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

    Please note that we are unable to leave your rug unattended, however, if you would like the courier to provide authority to leave your rug without a signature, you may contact the courier company directly.
  • Can I return my rug if it isn’t right for my home?

    Yes, you can return your rug if it isn’t quite the right fit for your home. We want you to be absolutely thrilled with your new rug, so if it isn’t quite what you were looking for you can return it within 30 days of purchase by emailing us at info@rug.com.au.

    Once you’ve contacted us to arrange your return, we’ll provide you with a return authorisation number and the address for our Gold Coast warehouse where you can return your unused items — please note you will be required to cover the return shipping costs. After we’ve received your rug in its original condition, we will refund the purchase amount to your original payment method.
  • Can I see how your rugs will look in my home before I place my order?

    Yes! We offer virtual in-home viewings for selected rugs. Simply click on the rug you wish to view and if you see a “see this rug in your room” button, that rug is available for our virtual in-home viewing service.

    Test it out on the Atlanta Red Classic Medallion Rug. All you have to do is click on the “see this rug in your room” button then select “Upload My Room” to view the rug in your very own home.

    You can also view our styled images of kids’ rooms, dining rooms, kitchens, living rooms and more to see how it will look in a variety of on-trend home decor settings.
  • How often should I clean my rug?

    Deep clean.
    You should give your rug a deep clean every 6 to 12 months. This figure can vary greatly depending on the amount of traffic your rug experiences but as a general rule, you should be cleaning your rug once a year as a minimum. To ensure your rug lasts as long as possible, we recommend having it professionally cleaned once a year or as required.

    Spills. You should always spot clean your rug when spills occur. Make sure to blot the spill carefully with a white cloth until no more of the liquid is coming away from the rug. Then, apply a gentle carpet cleaning solution and leave it to soak for a few minutes. Using a clean cloth, dab at the spill until the area is clean — you may need to use repeat applications.

    Shaking. Once a week give your rug a good shake outside to remove any debris or particles which could get ground into the fibres. If the rug is too large or heavy to shake, drape it over your clothesline and beat it with a broom or mop handle to shake loose any dirt.

    Vacuuming. You should vacuum your rug at least once a week or as needed to remove any dust or debris. We recommend vacuuming lengthways and crossways twice as well as vacuuming the underside of your rug to remove as many deposits as possible. Leaving dirt in your rug can damage the fibres and cause your rug to wear out prematurely.
  • Which is better, a synthetic or natural fibre rug?

    There are benefits to both synthetic and natural fibre rugs. Synthetic rugs are typically more affordable than natural fibre rugs like cotton, wool, silk or leather and offer a variety of patterns and designs. Synthetic rugs can also often be machine washed if they’re small enough to fit into the washing machine, making them easy to care for and ideal for homes with children or pets or homes prone to mud and dirt.

    Natural jute rugs are a popular choice thanks to their relatively affordable price point and versatility. While they aren’t machine washable, they are highly durable and well suited to busy homes.

    Cotton rugs meanwhile offer a combination of benefits, being both machine washable and made of natural, breathable cotton. Cotton rugs are comfortable underfoot in both warm and cool weather.

    Our burgundy rugs are available in synthetic and cotton fibres.
  • Are your rugs suitable for pets?

    Synthetic rugs are a good option for households with pets as they are easy to wash — in fact, some synthetic rugs are machine washable.

    We find most pet owners want a rug that looks great but can also withstand muddy paws, pet hair and occasional accidents. Our synthetic burgundy rugs start from under $50, so if you want an affordable, beautiful floor covering that will last we recommend selecting from our synthetic range.
  • Why should I shop with RUG.com.au?

    At RUG.com.au, we’ve been bringing the best range of rugs and runners from across the globe to Australians for over three decades. From the beginning, our mission has been to provide a diverse range of on-trend and timeless rug designs at affordable prices as we truly believe in floor coverings as art.

    Every home can be improved with a beautiful, stylish rug and we’ve brought together countless rugs from the finest manufacturers in the world to give you the choice and quality you deserve.
  • Can I pay for my rug using ZipPay or AfterPay?

    Yes! We’re pleased to offer both ZipPay and AfterPay along with other flexible payment options including American Express, PayPal, Google Pay, Apple Pay, Visa and Mastercard. Our flexible payment options can be used on any purchase regardless of the amount.

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