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Moroccan Rugs

Add timeless style to your home with a Moroccan style rug

Our Moroccan style rugs will add a traditional feel to your living areas. Moroccan rugs never go out of fashion - in fact, their history stretches back as far as the Old Stone Age!

Traditionally, Moroccan rugs were handwoven by Moroccan tribespeople to suit the climate - some rugs are thick and dense for snow-capped mountains, or flat and light to suit the Sahara Desert. Since the mid-1900s, Moroccan rugs have become popular in the Western World - the warm colours and intense patterns are perfect for homes of all kinds, and now serve a decorative purpose for homeowners everywhere.

Moroccan Berber rugs have stayed in fashion for decades for a reason – hardwearing and effortlessly stylish these rugs are a solid investment for any home. These fascinating rugs add a stylish yet comfy, cosy vibe to any room and can be layered or used as a centrepiece.

Add a Moroccan rug under your dining table or in front of your fireplace, bring warmth and style to your loungeroom or a touch of comfort to your bedroom – these versatile rugs suit a broad range of purposes. Find the perfect piece for your home online!

Multi-purpose Moroccan style rugs, perfect for each and every home

Moroccan rugs are traditionally very thick and heavy, meaning they're ideal for colder climates and homes with wooden floors needing an extra touch of warmth. These rugs are handwoven and extra soft for chilly afternoons sitting in front of the fire, or for children who like to play on the floor for hours on end.

If it's a protective rug you're after, our Moroccan style rugs are very durable, reflecting the traditional use of rugs in Moroccan tribes in the Old Stone Age. Many of our rugs are made from tough polyester, ensuring your new rug is both soft and protective against scuffs, scratches, and everyday foot traffic.

Traditionally made for practical purposes, Moroccan rugs now come in an exciting range of colours and patterns, making them a design statement as well as a piece of floor protection. This golden combination of style and practicality is present in all our Moroccan rugs.

Available in a broad range of sizes and styles, these timeless classics will suit any home.

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Add an authentic feel to your living space with our range of Moroccan Berber rugs, handwoven by the indigenous Berber Tribe of North Africa. Plush, creative, and culturally unique, Berber rugs have a story to tell, making them a serious talking point for your guests. Bonus style points if you choose a rug with tassels!

Shop our range of vibrant Moroccan rugs online today. Whatever size or style, a Moroccan rug is a piece of floor art that will bring joy and comfort for years to come. We offer flexible payment options so you can decorate your home now and pay later with Afterpay or Zippay. Plus, we offer fast and free shipping on all orders over $300 (terms and conditions apply). Shop online now!