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Purple Rugs

Enrich your home with a luxurious purple rug

Purple has been associated with royalty and the upper crust of society for thousands of years. In ancient Phoenicia, now modern-day Lebanon, purple dye was originally extracted from an incredibly rare sea snail, with a single ounce of dye taking around 250,000 snails to create! 

It wasn’t until the 1850s with the advent of synthetic dyes that purple became widely available, but to this day it retains its royal mystique and appeal.

Our range of beautiful purple rugs can enhance a range of home decor styles

Our collection of purple rugs has something for every purple fan, from muted mauve shades to pops of bold cerise. 

The Dream Plain Violet Shaggy Rug is straight out of your 1970s daydreams! The luxurious shag pile is a dream for tired feet, perfect for stretching out on after a long day. This amethyst-toned rug looks gorgeous styled with shades of grey and white. 

If you prefer a more muted tone of purple, the Soft Plain Violet Thick Shaggy Rug could be the one for you. This beautifully soft rug feels delightful underfoot and looks stunning paired with off-white walls and timber furniture.

For a bold design statement, the Paris Carved Lilac Patchwork Rug is a fabulous choice. This rug is ideal for styling in an eclectically styled space with mismatched antique furniture. 

Choosing the right purple rug for your home

At Rug.com.au, we’ve made it simple to find your perfect rug. You can filter our rug collection by size, weave, material, price, style and colour to narrow down your search for the perfect purple rug. 

You’re also able to view selected rugs in various different virtual rooms, with the option to upload your own room for a sneak preview of how it will look in your home. Simply click on the “see this rug in your room” button on eligible rugs.

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