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Large Rugs (400 x 300 cm)

Fill your spacious dining and living areas with gorgeous rugs from our large rug range

Browse our vast collection of large and oversized rugs — from traditional patterned styles right through to shaggy and hand-knotted designs, these rugs are designed to fill a space and make a statement. 

Whether by demarcating an open plan living space or creating a central focus point in a grand dining room, nothing quite completes a room like an area rug. Turn a large space into a welcoming room and express your personal style with our expansive range of large area rugs.

Complete your style vision with a large area rug

A large rug is an investment and a true piece of art. These gorgeous pieces serve as exquisite features and centrepieces to complement any large living space. Turn bare floorboards into a stunning focal point for your room with a large area rug, convert a plain carpeted room into a well put-together, stylish space or add comfort and style while tying together the interior design vision for your home.

Bring in a Moroccan rug for a bit of old-world charm, add a touch of intrigue with a modern abstract pattern, or add subtle texture with a hand-woven or cotton rug. Whatever your style, a large-sized rug brings it to life and ties the room together.

Which large rug is best for my home?

A large rug can be a stunning addition to any room in your home. When choosing the right rug for your dining room, living room, bedroom or transitional space, it is important to consider where the rug will be placed and how it will be used. 

When selecting a large rug for your dining room, choose a rug that will extend beyond your dining room chairs when they’re in the pulled-out position, as you would have them when preparing to sit down. You should also consider the design of your large dining room rug. Will the pattern match your dining room decor? Is it a colour that will easily stain from food and drink spills? Is it a material that will easily wash? Be sure to ask yourself these questions when selecting a large rug for your dining area.

When choosing a large living room rug, ensure the rug will accommodate all required furniture. A large rug can define the living room space and act as a link between lounges and other furniture. To create a balanced look in your living area, leave an equal amount of your large rug as a border around the living room furniture grouping.

Large rugs are ideal for bringing warmth and style to master bedrooms. When choosing a large patterned rug, remember that the bed may cover some or most of the pattern. When choosing your rug, make sure you allow for a border of space between the bed and the walls on both sides of the bed.

In whichever room you’re styling your large rug, if the rug touches any walls around the room, it may look oversized and detract from the overall look. Be sure to measure your bedroom or living room before selecting your rug to make sure it will fit comfortably. 

Large rugs for boho home decor themes

Boho home decorations are one of our most sought-after styles, and it’s not hard to see why. This environmentally conscious laid-back interior decor style creates a harmonious, relaxed feel in any home. If you’re looking to create a gorgeous boho feel for your bedroom, living room or dining and entertaining area, we have a range of large rugs that will complement it perfectly. 

Large jute rugs are a boho design staple with their 100% natural fibres and range of neutral, chilled-out designs. Our classic Chunky Jute Handwoven Rug in natural is the ideal neutral setting for your boho home design. Pair it with off-white furniture, greenery, and wood for an instant natural boho-chic look. 

Large rugs for contemporary home decor themes

If you’re looking for an up-to-date, stylish rug to complement your contemporary interior design vision, we’ve got you covered. We’re constantly updating our large rug range to bring you the latest and best quality rugs from across the globe. Browse our range of contemporary rugs to find one that fits your aesthetic. 

The Diamond Modern Abstract Rug, for instance, comes in an on-trend blush colour scheme with versatile modern neutral tones of grey, brown, cream, and pink woven into the abstract geometric diamond pattern. 

Large rugs for coastal/Hamptons home decor themes

The increasingly popular Hamptons style of home decor is inspired by the famous US coastal locale. This interior decor style takes its inspiration from the ocean, with airiness, lightness, and relaxation cornerstones of this design theme. White, cream and natural wood tones are common, with subtle touches of green and blue. 

A large rug in neutral, subdued tones will pair beautifully with a Hamptons style home. Our large Bleach Jute Hand Woven Rug is the perfect finishing touch for a coastal aesthetic. With its cosy textured weave and tasselled edges, this charming rug looks gorgeous styled on hardwood or floating floors. 

For an added touch of texture, the Mel Ivory Braided Wool Rug will perfectly set off your coastal Hamptons aesthetic. This luxurious hand loomed wool rug will bring that effortless touch of laid back luxe that exemplifies the Hamptons design style. 

Large rugs for unique home decor themes

If you want to make a bold statement, opt for one of our unique large rug designs. At Rug.com.au we believe that rugs are more than mere floor coverings, they’re works of art. We offer a range of fascinating rug designs which will help you make a bold statement and bring out your personality through your home decor. 

The Adobe Square Pattern Rug features a grid of bright squares in a post-modern artistic style. Encompassing all the colours of the rainbow in bright, cheery shades, this rug looks amazing styled with neutral furniture. 

The Adobe Modern Abstract Rug creates the appearance of impressionist-style brush strokes in bold nature-inspired colours. This large rug will make your living room, bedroom or transitional space come alive with a riot of colour.

Large rugs for traditional home decor themes

If you’re looking for a classic large rug to bring warmth and traditional style to your home, we’ve got hundreds of styles to choose from. Our range of large traditional rugs includes Moroccan inspired beauties, Afghan-style designs, and modern updates on traditional styles. 

The Bennu Blue Traditional Rug features an intricate design of interwoven floral motifs in muted blues and greys. This gorgeous classic style will last for years thanks to its timeless design. Also, available in a warm multicoloured option. 

For a touch of regal elegance, you can’t pass up the Afghan Traditional Red Border Rug. This design will lend palatial grandeur to your living spaces with its deep crimson tones offset with intricate geometric patterns. 

Find your ideal large rug online

Whatever your style, vision, or budget, you’ll find a large rug to suit you down to the ground when you shop our extensive range. Browse through hundreds of colours, styles and weaves to find your ideal large sized rug.

Whether you’re looking for some luxurious comfort, a timeless floral showstopper or elegant, neutral vibes to fit in with your monochrome décor – we’ve got your home’s perfect fit. Shop today and enjoy free shipping for products over $300, fast delivery and flexible payment options.