5 boho home decorations: bring a chilled vibe to your living space

 5 boho home decorations: bring a chilled vibe to your living space image

Thinking of redecorating or transforming your home decor design?


Boho home decor style is having a serious on-trend moment! Over the past decade, we’ve become more eco-conscious and environmentally friendly, which has caused the boho decor revolution - think natural fibres, homemade cotton macrame, candles, and all things ethically sourced.


Want to join the revolution? We’re here to help! In this blog, we share our five favourite boho home decorations to bring a chilled, eco-friendly vibe to your home.

Boho home decoration #1: A neutral coloured jute rug 

Bleach Jute Hand Woven Rug

Bleach Jute Hand Woven Rug


Your boho home decor style wouldn’t be complete without a natural, handwoven jute rug. Jute is one of the most plentiful and eco-friendly fibres on the planet - grown in the wetlands of China, jute is fast-growing and simple to harvest, so there’s no running out of jute! 


It’s a soft, renewable, and biodegradable material - perfect for decorating boho homes around the world.


For your boho home decor style, we recommend choosing a neutral coloured jute rug - the more natural-looking, the better. Matched with house plants, vintage cane or metal furniture (see above), and a cream or pastel colour scheme, you’ll achieve a relaxed and effortless boho vibe in an instant.


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Boho home decoration #2: Faux furs and throw blankets

Fluffy Faux Fur Sheepskin Rug

Fluffy Faux Fur Sheepskin Rug


Want to add a retro 1960s vibe to your boho home decor style? Faux furs are an absolute essential!


Inspired by the hippies of the 1960s, faux furs will add a “comfy cool” vibe to your home decor without harming animals. Our fur rugs are piled with 75% acrylic and 25% polyester fibres, so you can run your fingers and toes through the fur and feel at ease.


Fluffy Faux Fur Sheepskin Rug

Fluffy Faux Fur Sheepskin Rug


Spread your fur across your bedroom or living room floor, or drape it over the back of your favourite chair. Matched with loose, hand-knitted throw blankets for cooler nights in front of the TV, a fluffy, faux fur rug will keep you comfy and cosy until bedtime. 

Boho home decoration #3: Macrame wall hangings and lanterns


Image: Etsy


Another blast from the past… Macrame made a huge comeback in the 2010s, after initially being popular in the 1970s. 


Macrame clothing, accessories, and art is made by knotting thick cotton together into intricate patterns and designs. In the 1970s, artists would weave their own macrame vests, clothing, and even earrings to express their individual bohemian style. It was around this time that people started hanging macrame on their walls for a crafty, homemade vibe.


To boost your boho home decor style, we recommend picking up a hand-wrought macrame piece for your living room wall. You can find 100% Australian, unbleached, and hand-wrought macrame wall hangings online, especially on Etsy - the platform made for independent sellers and artists all over the world. 


You’ll be supporting independent artists and adding a luxurious, creative touch to your living space. What more could you want? 


Alternatively, you can learn a new skill and make your own macrame! There are tonnes of macrame tutorials on YouTube - it might take some time, but the pay off will be worth it when displaying your macrame show stoppers.


Moroccan-style lanterns

Image: Unsplash


For more wall and ceiling art and accessories, consider hanging some Moroccan-style lanterns around your home or outdoor entertainment area. Think aqua, orange, bright yellow, and red lanterns - then add some scented tealights for a soft glow and some aromatherapy each and every day.

Boho home decoration #4: Floral garlands and low-maintenance houseplants

house plants

Image: AliExpress


One of the most popular boho home decorations… plants! 


Indoor plants have been proven to reduce carbon dioxide levels, increase humidity, improve air quality, and reduce dust levels indoors - leading to less stress and anxiety in your home. It’s legitimately healthy for you to have leafy greens growing indoors!


Along with the health benefits, indoor plants add a pop of colour to your living space, along with an “au naturale” feeling your guests will love. Think Monstera plants (otherwise known as the “Swiss cheese” plant), mass cane, maidenhair ferns, and peace lillies.


If you’re known to be a bit of a plant killer, you might consider decorating with fake plants, instead. Leaf garlands have become popular in boho homes - they’re cheap, easy to hang, and it gives the appearance you have climbing plants growing throughout your home. 


You can find fake garlands in your local Kmart, Target, Reject Shop, or even online!

Boho home decoration #5: Fairy lights 

god with fairy lights

Image: Unsplash


Finally, the pièce de résistance - fairy lights!


White twinkle lights (otherwise known as fairy lights) add a cute, relaxed vibe to any living space. Consider wrapping fairy lights around your bed frame, your curtain poles, along staircase banisters, or even around the TV. 


Fairy lights can blink, twinkle, or glow while you catch up on Netflix with your loved ones, friends, and pets - or they can even help you drift off to sleep at night.


Matched with glimmering lanterns and cosy throw blankets, your boho home decor design will feel complete!


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