5 fun themes for kids' bedrooms

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From tiny tots to carefree kindergarteners, your child’s bedroom is a space to unwind, have fun and express themselves! Your little ones will love showing off their favourite characters, interests and hobbies with fun, colourful themes that express their individuality.

Whether you’re helping them decorate their space or letting your little one take the reins, a themed room is a great place to start. Kids’ bedroom themes give your little ones a starting point that can help them narrow down their ideas, making it easy to choose the perfect coat of paint, bedding and kid’s rugs to decorate their space!

In this blog, we’ll show you five fun themes for kids’ bedrooms that will make redecorating a breeze. Read on!

#1. Travel theme

kids map rug

A travel-themed room is a great way to capture your child’s imagination while also teaching them about the big wide world!

Think colourful world-map rugs, decorative globes, map posters and decorative map blankets that will introduce them to new countries and cultures. Plus, a map-themed rug like our Kids’ World Map Rug will be great fun at playtime, as your little one will learn all about different countries and their native animals!

You can also build their bedroom around their dream destination — for example, an Antarctica-inspired room with stuffed polar bears, penguins and a cool blue colour scheme.

#2. Fantasy theme

kids unicorn rug

Children have wild imaginations, so a fantasy-themed room is a great choice for creative kids.

Start by letting them choose their favourite fantasy creature (or creatures!) to get them inspired. If your child loves unicorns, look for a fantasy unicorn rug or a unicorn rocking horse to be the focal point of the room. Then, decorate the space with stars, fairy lights and stuffed animals to bring the theme to life!

From goblins to fairies, unicorns, dragons and more, there’s a fun fantasy theme for every little boy or girl — the only limit is their imagination!

#3. Zoo theme

kids zoo rug

Children of all ages love the zoo — so why not let them bring their favourite furry friends home?

A zoo-themed room is one of the most versatile bedroom themes for kids, with plenty of options to go over the top with your child’s bedroom decor. Zoo-themed stuffed animals are a great place to start, but a striking green colour scheme, tribal bed sheets and even an educational zoo-themed rug can turn your child’s bedroom into their very own jungle retreat!

Don’t be afraid to go big with ceiling decorations like fake hanging vines and painted leaf patterns on the walls. Plus, play with fun colour contrasts like zebra print bedding against a striking green wall.

#4. Cute animal theme

 kids animal rug

While zoo-themed rooms are great for adventurous kids, other children prefer calm, cosy characters in their bedrooms. For younger kids, a cute animal-themed room will let your little ones show off their favourite furry friends with vibrant, colourful patterns and designs!

Much like zoo-themed rooms, try decorating the space with stuffed animals and use a colourful rug as a focal point. From cuddly teddy bears to friendly pandas, koalas, rabbits and more, there’s a huge range of cute animal-themed kids’ rugs for your little one to choose from.

#5. Town theme

kids town rug

For adventurous kids, a fun travel-themed room will help your little one embrace their inner explorer — and have lots of fun!

A great place to start is with an interactive town-themed rug that your child can play with. Town rugs are a huge hit with kids who love toy cars, fire engines and other vehicles because they give your little ones the perfect canvas to play on. Then, complete the theme with decorative wallpaper featuring your child’s favourite toy vehicles or fun, busy country town bedsheets.

fun themes for kids bedrooms

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