How to decorate Moroccan style on a budget

How to decorate Moroccan style on a budget image

With its exciting colours, intricate patterns and warm, inviting feel, Moroccan styling has been a popular choice for interior designers across the world for decades! Think vibrant, lively colour schemes, warm lighting, eclectic furnishings and unique textures that create a balanced, comforting living space. 

Thanks to its maximalist look and feel, Moroccan styling is often seen as too expensive for budget-conscious interior designers compared to contemporary and minimalist styles. But you don’t need to break the bank to add a Moroccan touch to your home! 

From feature walls to affordable rugs and more, we’ll show you how to decorate Moroccan style on a budget in this blog. Read on! 

#1. Colourful stained-glass lamps

hanging moroccan lampsImage: Unsplash
Lighting is an essential part of traditional Moroccan styling, with colourful stained-glass lamps and hand-painted lanterns becoming a go-to way to add some Moroccan flair to your home. They create a warm, rich atmosphere while adding a touch of colour and vibrancy to the space, especially in low lighting. 

Moroccan lamps are traditionally placed on the floor but can also be added to your side tables, coffee tables or other interior furniture. They can also be hung from the ceiling and arranged with other Moroccan lamps to create a collage of colours. 

Despite their intricate designs and elegant appearance, Moroccan and Marrakesh-style lamps are more affordable than ever. To find the best price, try hunting online or exploring your local thrift shop for high-quality second-hand lamps. 

#2. Synthetic Moroccan rugs
 close-up of moroccan rug

Rugs are a mainstay of classic Moroccan decors. Morocco is famous for its rugs, with different tribes creating handmade rugs with materials and patterns unique to their region. 

With their intricate patterns, vibrant colours and bespoke designs, many people assume that traditional Moroccan rugs will be out of their styling budget. But a beautiful Moroccan-style rug doesn’t need to be expensive! In fact, rugs are one of the most common methods for how to decorate Moroccan style on a budget. 

There is a huge range of high-quality, affordable Moroccan rugs available online that feature beautiful patterns and exceptional comfort at a great price. Synthetic Moroccan rugs made from durable, soft polypropylene are a great way to add Moroccan flair to your living room, bedroom, dining room or home office — plus, their sturdy fibres can be easily cleaned with an occasional vacuum or a quick spin in the washing machine! 

#3. Bold, colourful statement walls

blue wall in hallwayImage: Pexels
Moroccan styling is all about incorporating bold, vibrant colours to spice up your living space. While repainting an entire room can be costly, we recommend transforming one wall in your home into a colourful Moroccan statement wall! 

Deep reds, rich oranges and striking blues are a great way to add a touch of Moroccan flavour to your home, without blowing out your budget. You can also experiment with intricate designs like trellis patterns using some masking tape and a bit of patience! 

If painting is too time-consuming or expensive for your budget, try laying Moroccan-themed wallpaper on your walls. Wallpaper is a quick and affordable way to re-style your living spaces without investing your time, money and energy into a full paint job – especially for feature walls! 

#4. Throws & cushions

colourful throw cushionsImage: Pexels
One of the most affordable and convenient ways to add Moroccan flair to your home is with a set of colourful, striking throws and cushions. This is a great option if your existing furniture features rich wood or soft natural shades, as vivid colours like yellow and cerulean can be beautifully integrated into your existing interior decor. 

Cushions and throws are available in a range of affordable materials like polyester, acrylic and cotton that will help you keep your decorating budget on track. Plus, they’ll look great alongside a new synthetic Moroccan rug! 

#5. Indoor plants

indoor plants in living room
Image: Unsplash

While many amateur decorators focus on repainting and accessorising with their Moroccan styling, indoor plants are an undersung hero of modern Moroccan interiors. The rich green of indoor plants complements a range of popular Moroccan colours including orange, yellow, white, cerulean and more. 

Flowing hanging plants are a classic choice while potted Areca Palms and Parlor Palms add a lively tropical touch. For spacious rooms, try adding a large Bird of Paradise plant to the corner of your room. Plus, cacti and succulents are a beautiful and affordable option for budget-conscious decorators 

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how to decorate moroccan style on a budget

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