5 rugs to keep the house clean after a day at the beach

5 rugs to keep the house clean after a day at the beach image

While we all love a day at the beach, it’s no secret that leftover sand can be a real nightmare to clean up. From messy kids to excitable pups and more, it’s easy to find sand all over your house after every beach trip — especially if your home has carpets or rugs around your entryways.

One way to minimise the amount of lingering sand in your home is with an easy-to-clean rug that won’t trap sand. Jute rugs are a great choice for sandy homes as their natural fibres don’t hold onto dirt, dust and sand like other rug materials. This means you won’t have to spend long cleaning them to remove any trapped sand from the fibres!

So, which type of jute rug is the best fit for your home? In this blog, we’ll walk you through five jute rugs that will help you keep the house clean after your next day at the beach. Read on!

How to clean a sandy jute rug

cream jute rug

With their allergy-friendly fibres and classic natural colours, jute rugs are a staple of modern homes across Australia.

When cleaning a jute rug, it’s important to avoid getting it wet. Unlike synthetic rugs, jute rugs are susceptible to mould and mildew when wet. Moisture can also cause jute fibres to release natural oils that will stain your rug and permanently dampen its natural colour. Because of this, it’s important to make sure your feet are dry before stepping on a jute rug.

Luckily, cleaning a jute rug requires minimal effort – especially if you’re trying to remove sand or dirt. To clean your jute rug, simply take it outside and shake it to remove most of the sand. Then, lay your rug outside on a flat, dry surface and give it a good vacuum to dislodge any remaining dirt.

Now, take a look at our picks for the best jute rugs for keeping your house clean after hitting the beach.

#1. Classic chunky jute


natural jute rug

With its natural sandy colour and thick jute fibres, a chunky jute rug is the epitome of a traditional jute rug. The tan shade perfectly complements a range of modern and rustic decors — it’s also a great fit for breaking up the blacks and whites of monochromatic minimalist decors.

Our Johnny Chunky Jute Rug is available in a range of versatile sizes including long 314x80 cm runners and classic large 214x150 cm.

#2. Colourful round rugs

colourful jute rug

Add a splash of colour to your floors with a colourful round jute rug. Jute rugs can be dyed with a range of vibrant colours and unique patterns.

Our Polly Hand Braided Round Rug features an elegant round design and an intricately braided colour scheme perfect for livening up your sunroom, laundry or living room. The colours of this stunning rug are made using the “rag rug” method which involves braiding scraps of fabric into the jute materials to create a unique, hand-made look.

#3. Structured borders

jute rug

Add some structure to your floors with braided geometric patterns, as featured on our Heath Hand-Woven Jute Rug.

This style combines the laid-back, rustic charm of a traditional jute rug with the structured, contemporary look of a geometric rug, perfect for a range of decors. Plus, the mix of sandy cream and natural tan shades adds extra character to this classic jute rug.

#4. Chic dyed sisal

dyed sisal rug

Much like jute, sisal is a unique natural fibre that is beloved for its natural, earthy look. Sisal rugs can be dyed in a range of colours such as the soft green hue of our Sisal Rubber Back Flatweave Rug.

The Dove Mix and Dove Grey Mix colours of this rug will help any excess sand or dirt stand out from the sisal fibres, making it easier to know when your rug will need an extra vacuum.

#5. Fringed jute

tasseled jute rug

Much like the classic chunky jute rug, a fringed jute rug has the traditional look and feel of jute with the thickness and softness of a wool rug. With its extra thickness, our thick fringed Chunky Jute Hand Woven Rug is a warmer alternative to traditional thinner jute rugs — perfect for stepping on after a long day at the beach!


beach-friendly rugs to keep the house clean

Our traditional and round jute rugs take the hassle out of cleaning up after every beach trip

Easy to clean, versatile and long-lasting, nothing beats a jute rug when it comes to comfort and style.

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