7 pros & cons of natural fibre rugs

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Natural fibre rugs are a versatile, environmentally friendly solution for anyone looking to add a stylish rug to their home. Made from jute, sisal, leather and wool, natural rugs are non-toxic, hypoallergenic and — most importantly — never go out of style!

Creating the Hamptons-style home of your dreams? Looking to add a statement piece to your home? Whether you want to highlight your favourite antique or make the switch to more sustainable materials, a natural fibre rug will bring your space to life!

In this blog, we’ll explore the seven main features, quirks and benefits of natural rugs. Read on and discover if a natural fibre rug is right for you!

What is a natural fibre rug?

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Natural fibre rugs are any type of rug made from naturally occurring plant or animal-derived materials, including:

Which natural rug material is best?

Jute and sisal rugs are the most environmentally friendly natural fibre rugs, as their materials are derived from natural plant fibres and don’t involve the use of animal resources like wool, leather and cowhide.

Cotton rugs are also made with natural materials, but some manufacturers use conventional cotton which is mass-produced with large amounts of water, pesticides and other chemicals. Silk rugs are incredibly strong and eco-friendly, but many silk rugs are actually made with artificial materials like viscose and rayon that (much like cotton) are chemically treated.

Because of their eco-friendly nature, and their relatively low cost, jute, hemp, and sisal rugs are the most popular natural fibre rugs on the market. Plus, their warm, earthy colours and textures give them a “natural” feeling that creates the perfect eco-friendly vibe for your home!

Explore the features, quirks and benefits of natural rugs

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From their hypoallergenic construction to their versatile range of uses, natural rugs have been popular in Australian homes for decades. While adding a natural rug to your home can have many benefits, it’s essential to fully explore the features and unique quirks of natural fibre rugs before making a purchase. After all, even the most versatile rug won’t work for every room!

Read on and discover if a natural rug is right for your space.

Pro — They’re great value

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Natural rugs aren’t just durable and eco-friendly — they’re also affordable! While many people choose synthetic rugs for their attractive price point, a natural jute or sisal rug is one of the most affordable options and often carries a similar price tag to a similarly sized synthetic rug. Plus, there are several benefits of natural rugs that make them more desirable for modern homes.

While wool and leather rugs are generally more expensive than plant-based rugs, they provide excellent value thanks to their long-lasting durability. Wool rugs have exceptional texture retention that helps them keep their structure, shape and appearance far longer than other rugs.

Leather rugs are one of the longest-lasting rugs on the market and age elegantly over time — some rug owners can even get decades of use out of a high-quality leather or cowhide rug!

Pro — They’re hypoallergenic

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One of the main benefits of natural rugs is their hypoallergenic materials, making them a great choice for hayfever and allergy sufferers. Jute rugs naturally repel dust mites which stops them getting caught deep within their fibres. This means they’re easier to clean than other rugs, as any naturally occurring dust mites, pollen and other allergens will sit on the surface and can be easily removed by shaking or vacuuming the rug.

Hypoallergenic rugs also have a range of health benefits for eco-conscious stylists. Their natural construction means they’re free from harmful chemicals, so they’re safe for pets, children and families looking to reduce toxins in the home.

Pro — They’re eco-friendly

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If you want sustainable products for your interior decor, natural rugs are the way to go. The most popular natural rugs for eco-conscious stylists are jute, sisal and hemp, all made from fully biodegradable plant-based fibres. Jute rugs are derived from jute plants which generally reach maturity between 4-6 months, so they’re a highly renewable resource.

When choosing a natural wool rug, make sure to check whether the rug is made with 100% wool or has been combined with other materials. Some wool rugs are made with a mix of wool and other natural fibres like cotton, while others use a wool/synthetic blend that makes them less eco-friendly. The same goes for silk rugs, which are often made with artificial materials like viscose and rayon.

Pro — They’re versatile

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Natural rugs suit a range of unique settings and are a great way to tie your space together. Jute rugs can add a natural, shabby-chic feel to your covered deck, living room or kitchen, great for capturing a laid-back beachy feel in your home.

Leather and cowhide rugs are a real statement piece in any space and suit a range of decor styles, including minimalist contemporary settings, traditional rustic settings and everyday modern homes.

Wool is an incredibly versatile choice that can be dyed and customised to suit many styles. A pink wool rug is perfect for a children’s playroom, while braided wool rugs provide warmth and comfort to living rooms and bedrooms. A black and white geometric wool rug can class up your contemporary living areas for a chic look.

Pro — They’re great for layering

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Jute, sisal, and wool rugs are a great way to introduce layering to your home styling. Rug layering is a popular trend that involves placing a small rug on top of a medium or large rug to pull focus in a room. They’re a great way to add character to a space and can help you “define” an area, especially in shared spaces like combined living rooms and dining rooms.

Jute is a versatile material that is easier to work with than other natural and synthetic materials, which means it's available in a broader range of shapes and sizes than other types of rugs. This makes it easy and more affordable to find the perfect rug to place under your furniture, whether it be a large rectangular dining table or a small vintage ottoman.

Layering a small wool or jute rug on top of a large rug is a great way to draw attention to a specific space in your home. Place your favourite coffee table or showstopping antique on top of the layered rugs, and voila! You’ve created an eye-catching centrepiece in your space.

Con — They often shed

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Because of their natural fibres, jute, hemp, and wool rugs are prone to shedding. Sisal rugs have more robust fibres than jute and hemp, making them a more convenient option if you’re looking to reduce shedding on your floors.

Luckily, one of the benefits of natural rugs is that they’re easy to clean — even when shedding! Vacuum the surface of the rug frequently to remove any shedding — we also recommend vacuuming the underside of the rugs.

Con — They’re easier to stain

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While it’s always best to avoid getting your rugs wet, natural fibre rugs are less resilient to liquids than other types of rugs. Natural rugs are more absorbent than synthetic rugs and the material can darken if spills, splashes and drops are not cleaned up quickly.

Don’t worry, though! Your rugs will be fine if you dry them quickly and avoid letting the liquid soak into the fibres. If you’ve spilled water, juice or wine on your rugs, delicately blot the area to remove most of the liquid. Then, use a dry solution like baking soda on the stain to absorb any remaining liquid. Vacuum the rug after a few hours and repeat the process as needed.

If you’re planning to put a natural fibre rug in an outdoor setting, ensure the area is covered and the rug is placed strategically to avoid any rain or splashes.

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