Our best nursery rugs, playroom rugs & kids’ bedroom rugs

Our best nursery rugs, playroom rugs & kids’ bedroom rugs image

Children’s decor isn’t just cute — it’s also a great way to introduce your little ones to the world! The nursery, playroom and bedroom are important spaces where your child can develop essential early-life skills while feeling safe and comfortable. 

When it comes to decorating for children, rugs are a great way to tie the space together and create the right environment for your little ones to flourish. Nursery rugs create a calm space for your bub to sleep, while educational playroom rugs can help your infants learn their ABCs — and have lots of fun! Plus, as your children grow up, they’ll experiment with new colours, styles and textures to express themselves with their decor. 

Whether you’re redecorating your child’s bedroom or welcoming a new bub to the family, we’ve got the best nursery rugs, playroom rugs and kids’ bedroom rugs for little ones of all ages. Read on!

Best rug material for nurseries, playrooms and kids of all ages

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There are two things to consider when it comes to choosing the best nursery rugs, playroom rugs and bedroom rugs for kids — durability and comfort. 

Every parent knows how messy children can be – that’s why it’s essential to choose a rug made with durable materials that can stand up against spills, accidents and any kind of messes your little ones can throw their way! 

We recommend synthetic polypropylene rugs as the best rug material for nursery-aged children and infants because of their long-lasting durability. Synthetic rugs don’t shed and are designed to withstand spills and other accidents — without sacrificing comfort! 

Synthetic polypropylene is soft and plush, making it a great choice for tummy time and fun play activities for children of all ages. Plus, synthetic fibres are more affordable than natural fibres like cotton and wool, so you can decorate your little one’s space without breaking the bank! 

Best washable rugs for nurseries

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Another reason why synthetics are the best material for nursery rooms, playrooms and bedrooms is their easy-to-clean fibres. 

Synthetic fibres won’t hide dust and dirt like wool and cotton, so you can remove any dust or crumbs with regular vacuuming. They can also stand up against moisture, so you can blot away any stains and marks without damaging their fibres. Plus, synthetic rugs are strong enough to be cleaned in the washing machine, saving you time and energy while getting rid of nasty spills and smelly stains.

With their long-lasting durability and machine-friendly fibres, synthetic rugs are the best washable rugs for nursery rooms, playrooms and messy kids of all ages. 

How to clean synthetic rugs for kids

cleaning synthetic rugsImage: Canva

We recommend synthetic rugs as the best rug material for nursery rooms, playrooms and kids of all ages thanks to their excellent durability and sturdy material. 

Synthetic rugs are one of the easiest rugs to clean, but there are a few things to keep in mind when giving your rug a spruce. Check out our guide for cleaning synthetic rugs and keep your new rug looking fresher for longer! 

Best neutral nursery rugs

green cloud rugImage: RUG

When it comes to designing a nursery, the most important thing to consider is comfort. It’s essential to design a space where your little ones will feel safe, calm and protected. While vibrant colours and bright shades are popular with older kids, soothing neutral tones are a great choice for keeping your little ones cosy and happy as they grow up. 

The best neutral nursery rugs should be made with soft colours and gentle shades — for example, our Poppy Moon & Stars Rug features a light pastel blue with flecks of white and pink, great for creating a colourful-yet-calm space. Our Petite Cloud Pattern Kids Rugs are another great choice and are available in fun purple or gender-neutral mint shades, with soothing tones perfect for keeping your little one happy. 

Need more inspiration? We’ve got Australia’s best nursery rugs at affordable prices, perfect for a range of decors. Explore our range of kids’ rugs online! 

Nursery rugs for girls 

colourful kids rug with elephant patternImage: RUG

Choosing a rug for a girl’s nursery allows you to explore soft pastels, vibrant hues, and enchanting patterns. Whether you’re drawn to gentle lavender, cheery pinks, or rich purples, select a rug that can grow with your child from infancy to her toddler years and beyond. Consider how the rug complements other elements in the room, such as curtains, wall colour, and bedding.

Plush shag rugs in pink offer a cloud-like softness ideal for nurseries, creating a cozy spot for both parents and babies to enjoy. Lavender oriental patterns or floral designs can introduce a sense of elegance and fairy-tale wonder, sparking imagination and providing a beautiful focal point in the room. Rugs with interactive designs, such as alphabet or garden themes, can be both decorative and educational.

Nursery rugs for boys 

pirate rug in boy's bedroomImage: RUG

For boys' nurseries, themes like the great outdoors, space exploration, or maritime adventures offer a lively and inspiring foundation for decor. Selecting a rug with these themes in mind, in colours like navy blue, forest green, or ash grey, creates a cohesive look that supports imaginative play. Durable materials that withstand frequent use are key, as the rug will likely see everything from playtime to nap time.

Dinosaur prints bring prehistoric adventures to life, while nautical themes offer a calming, oceanic vibe perfect for restful sleep. Sports motifs can ignite a passion for games and teamwork from a young age. Look for rugs that feature rich, vibrant colors to stimulate sensory development, and soft textures for comfort.

Animal rugs for the nursery 

jungle-themed rug under chairImage: RUG

Animal-themed rugs are a delightful addition to any nursery, introducing children to the wonders of the animal kingdom. These rugs can serve as educational tools, encouraging early learning about different species, environments, and habitats. Their playful designs can also foster a love for animals and nature.

Consider plush bear rugs for a touch of wilderness, or safari animal prints that transform the nursery into an African adventure. Many animal rugs are designed with a mix of textures and colours, offering sensory experiences for babies. Choose rugs made from soft, non-toxic materials to ensure they are safe for children to lie on and touch.

Best rugs for playrooms

kids map rugImage: RUG

Playrooms are all about creating a fun space where infants, toddlers and young kids can discover the world at their own pace. Unlike nursery rugs, the best playroom rugs should be vibrant, stimulating and exciting, so we recommend embracing busy patterns and loud colours in your space. 

Our Kids’ Zoo Road Rug is a great way to introduce your little ones to fun zoo animals like koalas, hippos and elephants. For a more interactive option, your kids will have hours of fun exploring our Kids Road Yellow Rug with miniature cars and other toys. Remember, playroom rugs aren’t just about looks — they’re also about having fun, too! 

Best playroom rugs for education and activities

kid's alphabet rugImage: RUG

When choosing the best playroom rugs to help your little ones learn, we recommend starting simple. 

Alphabet rugs like our Kids’ ABC White Rug and colour rugs like the Kids Octagonal Rug are great for introducing your kids to letters, shapes and colours without overwhelming them. Our Kids Alphabet Rug also includes pictures of animals, toys and items associated with each letter, which helps your little ones connect each letter of the alphabet to an everyday concept in their world. 

As your children get older, keep building their knowledge with more complicated rugs as they head towards their preschool and kindergarten years. 

Best rugs for younger kids

child's room with pink rugImage: RUG

As your toddlers and infants reach ages 6 to 9, they’ll likely want to update their rugs with distinctive patterns, designs and colours that suit their personality. They’ll also want to decorate based on their new favourite animal, hobby or other obsession. 

A fun print like our Hello Soft Pink Butterfly Rug or the Hello Blue Ark Kids Rug lets your child show off their favourite furry friends with distinct, exciting colours. Meanwhile, our Hello Round Soccer Ball Rug is great for budding soccer players and is available in a fun round shape, perfect for smaller rooms. 

Best rugs for older kids

child's bedroom with rugImage: RUG

Between ages 9 to 12, your kids will likely start moving away from colourful rugs and vibrant designs. At this age, we recommend letting your little ones pick their own rug or giving them a set of options to choose from. After all, the more input they have, the happier they’ll be with their new rug! 

As they approach their tween years, try showing them neutral colours and grey tones like our Felix Stars Kids Rug or the Charlie Kids Rug, which feature fun, age-appropriate star patterns. They might even be interested in more conventional, grown-up patterns like our Petite Modern Trellis Rug, available in dark and light grey shades. 

A solid-colour rug like the Palace Shaggy Rug is another good choice for kids who have outgrown colourful patterns and designs but still want a fun, kid-friendly shag material. 

We’ve got the best nursery rugs, playroom rugs and kids’ bedroom rugs for all ages

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