Your guide to the best rug materials for babies

Your guide to the best rug materials for babies image

When it comes to welcoming your new bub, it’s important to make sure your home is as baby-friendly as possible. Your little one will spend a lot of their first few years playing, crawling and eventually walking around your home — so having a safe, hygienic and extra-cosy rug is essential!

From sensible cotton to luxurious wool, practical synthetics, natural fibres and more, there are more choices than ever for finding a kid’s rug for your bub. But what’s the best rug material for babies, and which type of rug should you choose for your child?

If you’re looking for the right rug for your little ones, don’t settle for second best. Check out our full guide now and find the perfect rug material for your bub. Read on!

What to consider when choosing safe rugs for babies

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There’s no one-size-fits-all solution for what makes the best rug material for babies. Each rug will have its own benefits and drawbacks depending on the needs of your child and the style of your home. However, here are a few handy tips for what to keep in mind when choosing the right rug for your space.

  1. Comfort is king. While coarse, rough textures will be fun for your little ones to touch, we recommend steering clear of prickly rug materials like jute, bamboo and hemp. As your little ones will spend a lot of time on their tummy and backs, it’s best to avoid textures that could leave marks or scratches on their skin.
  2. Hypoallergenic materials are a plus. Your child will want to play, crawl and even sleep on your rug, so less allergens are always better. Hypoallergenic rugs are resistant to dust mites, perfect for your little one’s delicate sinuses.
  3. Lighter colours will show stains. A colourful or darkly coloured rug is a great way to conceal stubborn stains and marks caused by your little ones. We recommend lightly-coloured rugs if they are resistant to stains — otherwise, your brand-new off-white rug will be covered in permanent stains, marks and spills in no time!

So, what’s the best rug material for babies? Here, we break down how to choose the right type of rug based on a range of different factors including hygiene, durability, stain resistance and comfort.

#1. Hygiene

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Hygiene is an important consideration when it comes to safe rugs for babies, as choosing the right material will ensure your little ones aren’t exposed to dust, dirt and harmful bacteria through your new kid’s rug. We recommend choosing a hypoallergenic rug made from wool or a natural-fibre rug like cotton to reduce your baby’s exposure to allergens in your home.

Wool rugs are anti-bacterial, repel dust mites, and are free from harsh chemical odours present in cheap, poor-quality synthetics. Cotton rugs are known for their dust resistance and breathability — plus, they’re more affordable than wool, which makes them a popular choice for new parents

Both cotton and wool rugs are durable and easy to clean, saving you time and energy throughout the day to keep your rug free from allergens and dust. However, always ensure your wool and cotton rugs are made with 100% natural materials and not blended with synthetic materials, as this reduces their dust repellence and makes them significantly less allergy-friendly.

#2. Durability

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While your little one will grow up quickly, many smart shoppers choose rugs that will last their bub well into their early kindergarten years. For durability, it’s important to choose a material that can stand up against anything your baby can throw its way!

We don’t recommend rugs with long, loose fibres like faux fur that your little ones can pull out. Synthetic kid’s rugs are generally regarded as the most durable type of rug for kids and often feature a soft, wool-like texture. Synthetic rugs are made with high-strength fibres perfect for high-traffic areas or long playtime sessions. Plus, their colours will last for years without fading, perfect for anywhere from three to five years of use.

Wool is another durable option for kids, as they stand up against high traffic and feature built-in stain-resistant qualities. However, be sure to choose a wool rug with shorter fibres to ensure your child doesn’t pull out any of the fibres.

#3. Stain resistance

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It’s happened to everyone — one minute your little one is quiet as a mouse on their nursery rug and the next minute, they’re drooling, dribbling or having an accident!

Save yourself some extra cleanup time and choose a stain and liquid-resistant rug. Not only do these rugs make cleaning a breeze, but they also will prevent stubborn, unsightly stains from permanently ruining your rugs.

Synthetic kid’s rugs are a great stain-resistant option and feature built-in moisture-repellence, which makes them great for sudden spills, drops and dribbles that can occur without warning! Wool rugs are also stain-resistant but are slightly more susceptible to staining than synthetic rugs — plus, they’re generally more expensive than synthetics, which means they’re more costly to replace.

#4. Comfort and tummy time

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Every parent wants their little ones to feel comfortable, so softness and comfort are one of the most important things to consider in a nursery rug. Whether they’re dozing, having playtime with mum and dad or enjoying some essential tummy time on the floor, a soft rug is a must-have for any nursery.

Cotton is a good choice if you’re looking for a soft rug that won’t break the bank. This natural material is great for daily use, playtime and tummy time and features a smooth, comfortable texture that your little ones will love!

But when it comes to softness, nothing can beat the texture and feel of a wool rug. Though more expensive than cotton, wool rugs combine durability, safety and softness in one gorgeous package and give your little ones the perfect place to play.

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