Our top 10 best rugs for kids of all ages

Our top 10 best rugs for kids of all ages image

Whether you’re designing a playroom or decorating your tween’s bedroom, a rug is a great way to complete your little one’s space! But the best rugs for kids aren’t just stylish — many kid’s rugs feature games, learning exercises or special interests that’ll keep them entertained for hours. Plus, letting your tweens choose a new bedroom rug is a great way to foster their independence!

However, with so many rugs to choose from, finding the best kid's rugs is no easy task.

We’ve put together a list of our top 10 best rugs for kids of all ages. Read on and find the perfect bedroom or playroom rug for your home!

How do you choose the best kids' rugs for any age?

happy child lying on rug

One of the most exciting parts of being a parent is watching your little ones discover new things. As they grow, your child will develop likes and dislikes that can change at the drop of a hat, making the right choice even harder for mum and dad!

While it’s hard to predict how your child will feel about a new rug, there are a few things you can consider to take some guesswork out of choosing the right rug.

Find out their favourite and least favourite colours

An easy first step is finding out your child’s favourite and least favourite colours. This will narrow down your options and make it easier to choose between similar styles. Plus, knowing their favourite colour will be a huge help at Christmas!

Choose a rug based on their interests

Does your toddler love cats? What about race cars? Are they obsessed with farm animals? For younger kids, choosing a rug featuring their favourite things is a great way to narrow down your options.

Try to ensure your child’s current favourites aren’t just a phase — there’s nothing worse than buying a new rug for your little ones, only for them to lose interest a few months later!

Let your tweens lead the way

As your kids grow into tweens, they’ll want a rug made for an older kid. Depending on their interests, we recommend steering clear of more childish, brightly coloured rugs and letting your child choose something a bit more mature. For example, rugs with patterns and neutral colours are generally good choices for tweens.

Choose synthetic materials

We recommend choosing synthetic materials for your children’s rugs because of their affordability and durability against spills and stains. Synthetic rugs are easy to clean and can be placed in the washing machine for a quick and thorough scrub! Plus, synthetic rugs are more affordable than other materials, which makes it cheaper and easier to replace your rug as your little ones grow up.

From bossy toddlers to choosey tweens, discover our top 10 best rugs for kids of all ages!

#1. Give them a good night's sleep with a calm nursery rug

 light blue kids rug

Night-time and sleep-themed rugs are a great way to get your little ones ready for bed! While colourful rugs are great for playrooms, soft pastel colours are some of the best rugs for kids’ bedrooms. Soft colours can help your restless toddlers wind down after an exciting day.

#2. Teach them their ABCs with a colourful kids alphabet rug

kids sitting on rug

Toddlers and preschoolers are sponges when it comes to learning! An alphabet rug will help them learn while they play! When it comes to educational rugs, the options are endless — we recommend numerical, geographic, and colour pattern rugs to give your little ones a fun way to learn.

#3. Sail the seas with a world-map rug

kids travel rug

Bring your child’s imagination to life with a world-map rug. Featuring famous icons from around the globe, travel rugs teach your little ones about the world with fun pictures and illustrations for each area. Choose from area-specific rugs or rugs of the whole world and introduce your child to new places, cultures and iconography!

#4. Take a trip to the jungle with a wild animal adventure

kids rug

Toddlers and preschoolers love fun animal-themed jungle rugs with bold, vibrant colours. Featuring fun cartoon versions of exotic animals like giraffes, lions, hippos and snakes, these rugs help your little ones learn about exotic animals at their own pace — perfect for budding zoologists!

#5. Keep picky princesses happy with pink, pink and more pink!

kids rug

If your little one is obsessed with one colour, why not get them a rug to match? Kindergarten and preschool-age kids tend to stick with their favourite colour for years. For a pink-obsessed child, try a pink rug with shades of purple, hot pink, pastel pink and crimson!

#6. Choose detailed designs for growing animal lovers

kids rug

Kids of all ages love animal-themed rugs! As they grow up, finding an animal rug with a more mature design that encourages their critical thinking and artistic skills (which start to kick in around age 6). Replacing their bright, colourful, cartoonish animal rug with a more refined design is a great way to develop colour theory in your little ones! Introduce them to more diverse shades of their favourite colours with the Hello Forest Animal Rug, available in two convenient sizes.

#7. Make sports fans happy with a soccer ball rug

kids sport rug

Kindergarten kids and early tweens love to rep their favourite sport — so why not add it to their bedroom floors? A sports rug lets your little one customise their room and show off their favourite hobby! Try a round soccer ball rug for your future athlete in the making.

#8. A patterned rug keeps things fun while your kids mature

kids rug

Budding tweens tend to turn away from eclectic patterns and choose more refined, classic styles. A patterned grey rug like the Charlie Kids Rug featured above is the right combination of fun patterns with a more mature black, grey and white colour palette. Your little ones will love the striped and dotted patterns while appreciating the softer, neutral colours of this rug.

#9. The sky’s the limit with a cloud pattern rug

kids cloud rug

Cloud patterns are a fun, vibrant touch to your budding tween’s room — without being too childish. Look for a splash of colour with a more minimalist design like the Petite Cloud Kids Rug in purple or aqua, perfect for tween boys and girls!

#10. Shoot for the moon with a star-pattern rug

kids star rug

Star patterns are good for growing tweens discovering their own style. Tweens of this age often prefer muted shades over vibrant colours — think soft blues, pastel yellows, greys and whites.

Our Felix Stars Kids Rug features a mature light grey with deep grey tones and classic white stars for a touch of fun. It’s a stylish choice that will introduce your little ones to more refine colours while they move into their teenage years.

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